When I was young I used to hear

Of John Paul Jones and Paul Revere,

And the sad and solemn tale

Of liberty and Nathan Hale.

Across Kentuck with Boone I went,

And with Crockett to Alamo's great event.

Back then the stories still were told

Of chivalrous knights, daring, bold,

Who, with Arthur at the helm,

From Camelot fashioned England's realm.

Then there were cowboys throughout the West

Who represented this nation's best,

Tom Mix and Buck Jones blazed the trail,

Gene Autry and Roy Rogers would never fail.

The good guys would all wear white,

Or ride white chargers into the fight.

There was never a question of who was right,

For the outlaws' dress was black as night.

The message we got was clear and strong:

Right was right and wrong was wrong!

And always at the Story's end

The villain fell, the right would win.

Those heroes that we knew back then

Stood straight and tall with jutting chin.

They were models that we could trust,

Their steely characters knew no rust.

They taught us well, as naught else could,

That a man should always strive for good.

The lessons, perhaps, a bit unreal,

But in hearts and minds they did instill

A wonder, and a belief that we

Could, with effort, far better be.

But heroes that we have today

Do not wear white, their dress is gray.

They are, perhaps, a bit more real,

More true to life than was Bob Steele.

Yet the role models they portray

Show not that straight and narrow way

That former heroes trod upon.

Oh, where have all our heroes gone?

A lot of readers may not understand this poem. The younger ones will not know who Tom Mix and Buck Jones were. The gray-heads will recognize them and most of the other heroes named.

Younger generations have other hero classes; perhaps some outstanding sports figure, some well-known celebrity, maybe even some highly successful entrepreneur. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett may be foreign to them because of the way history is being taught these days. If the reader happens to be from Texas though, he will know them. But old codgers like me think our heroes should have certain characteristics; like honesty, truth and integrity, the ability to stand firm where others run for cover. It is never heroic however, to support a cause one knows to be destructive for others who may be depending on them. Oh, and something else real heroes do is accept the responsibilities legally and morally placed upon them, they do not expect the government to take care of them. These days many people are making heroes of others who are telling lies and representing them as truths. I could name a few of them on both sides of the political arena and quite a few others who represent themselves as reporters.

I count our current President a great hero of the people! He has been accused of many things he has not done and a few irrelevant things he has done. He even refuses to take a salary, I can’t say that of any other President I recall. He stepped down from being a billionaire business-man to take on the job of lifting our nation out of the swamp the politicians had created for their personal interests. He promised the voters many things and unlike previous Presidents he set out to do them, and many of them he accomplished. In spite of all this the opposing Party and their cohost news media worked to impeach him. He has stood tall and strong against all efforts to thwart his task of making America Great Again. I doubt there is another man (or woman) who could or would have stood firm as he has. What many Americans have failed to see is the fact that President Donald J. Trump is the only thing standing in the way of the destruction of the America God has given them. The forces fighting him are the forces working to create the New World Order, which is the force that gave us his predecessor, who did more to negate our greatness than any other President I can think of.

Now I am wondering where are the heroes who are willing to come forward and stand with this President! We know a few, like Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and a few others at Fox News, and like the publishers of The Times Examiner who have stood firm for many years, putting forth the truth for a culture that appears not to want to hear it.

If the people have their way in the election coming up in November I think we will reelect our President, but a number of states are working to change their election processes to make his election much more difficult. The swamp has filtered down into state and local areas. California is making it easy for non-citizens to vote, New York is issuing drivers licenses to the homeless etc. and allowing felons, even those still in prison, to vote. Other states may be redistricting their regions to aid the enemy. Big money is at work all across the land and conservatives need men and women to monitor voting processes everywhere. I can’t say for sure that the Democrat Party is working to foster voter fraud but I have my suspicions. We are also hoping the Justice Department will speed-up its investigations and start taking some actions.

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