On the night of October 1, 2017, a mass shooting occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada.  An evil man opened gunfire on a crowd of concertgoers from the 32nd floor of the hotel in which he was staying, killing 58 innocents and wounding hundreds of others with his gunfire, in addition to causing the injury of hundreds  more in the ensuing panic.  So far the Las Vegas Police and the F.B. LIE have failed to come up with (or at least tell us about) the reason/s that this vermin had in his diseased mind to justify committing “the worst mass murder in U.S. history”.

Of course, those of us who know something of U.S. history recall that the “Massacre at Wounded Knee”, on the Lakota Sioux reservation in South Dakota where, in the final day of 1890, between 200 and 300 Lakota men, women, and children lost their lives courtesy of the U.S. 7th Cavalry, might qualify for the title, “worst massacre in U.S. history”.  Perhaps that depends on one’s historical “perspective”, but to me that dastardly event qualifies as such.  Firearms were involved in both instances, but were the inanimate objects “evil”, or was some other source to blame?

Some unthinking people (a species in the ascendency in the U.S.), love to prattle on about the “evils” of an inanimate object made of metal, wood, and/or plastic, rather than placing the blame for its criminal use on the one who wields it to perpetrate evil.  Like a herd of “village idiots”, these simpletons gather around some “Shaman” of the left—Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, or some equally un-American charlatan,  and bow down before their tribal “wisdom” that it is far better to blame the “evil” firearm than it is to place the blame on the truly evil ones who use demagoguery, perfidy, and subterfuge to constantly attack our most important Constitutional freedom—our 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms”!

An article from the January, 2019 issue of America’s 1st Freedom magazine, titled: Blaming Guns, Not Killers (P. 20),  reinforces my observations:  “It’s an interesting phenomenon that, when looking at murders, most of the time the crime is rightly blamed on the murderer.  The only exception to that seems to be when it comes to firearms.  When it’s learned that a gun was used in a crime, many hide their eyes, cover their ears, close their minds and just keep repeating, ‘We need more gun control.’ …An October Rasmussen Reports survey indicates that one-third of people think access to firearms is MORE at fault than the killers themselves.

“Rasmussen’s telephone and online survey of 1,000 American adults asked the question point blank: ‘In crimes involving use of a gun, which is more to blame---the shooter or the availability of guns in America?’  An astonishing 31% of people placed the blame on the inanimate object, the gun, and NOT the person pulling the trigger.  Unsurprisingly, Democrats were much more likely than Republicans--51% to 13%--- to blame the object over the person.” 

Why have a significant portion of the American people succumbed to the outright lies perpetrated by the Marxist/progressive left, that firearms are used only by bad people for bad reasons—that it is dangerous to keep a firearm in one’s own home—that they will kill your children who find them---that firearms are “rarely” used to defend one’s life or property—that the registration of firearms will magically solve all firearm crimes?  Why have these fellow citizens decided to act like a herd of lemmings rushing toward the “cliff” of the destruction of the Constitutional right that guarantees all other rights?  

Just WHO stands to profit should firearms be “outlawed” in the U.S.?  Just WHO fears firearms in the hands of free Americans so much that they purposely resort to deceit and outright lies in their campaign to disarm our people?  We’ve all heard the slogan:  “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”   Outlaws do fear armed citizens.  The main question, of course, is to determine exactly WHO is

 “the outlaw”.  Not all “outlaws” wear masks or disguises as they threaten our lives, our liberties, or our property.  Many of them wear expensive clothes and reside in the D.C. “Swamp”.   Some of them we’ve voted for in the past as our House Representative or Senators.  Many of them lurk in the shadows of corporate power or academia or Hollywood studios or powerful financial houses, and emerge from behind their protective MSM shield to launch their arrows of deceit and subversion at American patriots and gullible uninformed people.  As the article quoted above concluded: “The bottom line: People who blame the gun over the killer aren’t looking for real solutions.  THEY’RE SIMPLY FURTHERING THEIR AGENDA” (emphasis mine). 

A writer on CAPITALISM.ORG recently wrote:

“Isn’t owning a gun inherently evil?  NO!  Evil and good are moral terms that apply to entities that can make moral choices.  A gun is a non-volitional object.  Guns have no power of choice; they simply act according to their identity, their nature.  Unlike a gun, the user of a firearm possesses free will, and can be morally judged for his actions.  It is only the user of a gun who is good or evil.  A woman who uses a gun to shoot a man wishing to rape her is acting (desperately) to save her life, and is judged as good; a bank robber using a gun to rob a bank is acting irrationally…(by placing himself in such a predicament

and attempting to achieve values by theft)—and is judged as evil.  To say that a gun is intrinsically evil because it can be used by criminals—and corrupt governments—to rob peaceful citizens, is like saying water is evil because people can drown in it.”

Yes, indeed.  These anti-firearm disciples of perfidy love to proclaim that our Founding Generation did not truly consider firearms as necessary tools to preserve their lives, property, and liberties.  These same liars love to assure us that our 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” was NEVER AN INDIVIDUAL RIGHT, but was always a  “collective right” only if one was a member of a “militia”.  So let’s look at the thoughts of a legislator in Congress  who engaged in the heated discussions that swirled around the adoption of the first 10 amendments to our Constitution, i.e. our “Bill of Rights”.  His name was Tench Coxe, and although he was not a signer of our Declaration or Constitution, he was quite influential in his day.  Here is what he said: 

“As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, THE PEOPLE ARE CONFIRMED by the article (the Second Amendment) in their right to keep and bear their PRIVATE arms”

Tench Coxe—Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789.

“The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible.  Who are the militia?  Are they not OURSELVES?  Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom?  Congress has no power to disarm the militia.  Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the BIRTHRIGHT OF AN AMERICAN…. The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

Tench Coxe—The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788

Are those of us who own firearms truly evil?  Of course we aren’t, even though, like all mankind, we suffer from “original sin”.  I’ll tell you what I fear, and I’m certain that my fears are shared by many:  I greatly fear the virtually treasonous machinations of any and all people—in and out of government (but particularly IN government)—who constantly assure us that if Americans would just adopt “common sense solutions” to the “problem” of firearms, then we’d all be able to rest peacefully, assured that crime and violence would miraculously decrease significantly.  Some of these same lying demagogues, mostly but NOT exclusively members of the increasingly anti-American New Bolshevik Party (formerly called Democrats), constantly assure us about how much they “love and support our 2nd Amendment”.  Rest assured that when bureaucrats and politicians say these things to us, and especially when Democrats affirm them, “common sense” is the farthest thing from their truth.  The REGISTRATION AND ULTIMATE CONFISCATION OF ALL of our firearms is always on their treacherous  and anti-Constitutional minds!

As LtC. Brad Taylors (retired) said on Fox News during the 2016 Presidential campaign:  “If we as a nation truly want to work together to prevent tragedies like Las Vegas, the first requirement is trust in the good faith of the other side, and as Hillary Clinton just illustrated, that trust ISN’T THERE”!  He might have added that the lack of trust in Hillary Clinton’s promises was recognized by most Americans as just the “tip” of the anti-firearm freedom agenda equally shared by the Democrat National Committee and her lying fellow Dumbocrats!

Ronald Reagan told us to always “trust, but verify”.  That’s good advice, now and forever, particularly when dealing with progressive leftist enemies of our freedom, which ALL of them are.  Informed American patriots have long known that these liberal despisers of our Constitutional liberties have for decades been on a subversive mission  to totally eliminate firearms from the American scene, plus any other Constitutional freedoms they can dilute or destroy in their endless quest to convert the U.S. into a “socialist workers’ paradise”.  We all must know with certainty that the rabid push for “gun control” by leftist Democrats and other enemies of freedom has NEVER really been about firearms, as such, but has ALWAYS been about CONTROLLING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!    WE MUST ALWAYS  KEEP BEFORE US THE ETERNAL TRUTH THAT  ARMED PEOPLE ARE CITIZENS, AND DISARMED PEOPLE ARE SUBJECTS!  And as history has proved beyond any shadow of a doubt, “subjects”—especially disarmed “subjects”—are forever at the tender mercy of whatever government force may be applied against them, including the intimidating and lethal force of tyranny.  Millions of now DEAD people discovered that truth too late, as their corpses littered the prisons, the streets, the battlefields, the slave labor “gulags” of Karl Marx’s followers, the despicable ovens of the  socialist Nazi’s “final solution”, and similar collectivist horrors that made the 20th century the most violent in the history of enslaved, and usually DISARMED, mankind!

Now is the time for YOU to RESIST the perfidy and mendacity  proclaimed by these leftist enemies, and for YOU to decide whether your future existence will be as a FREE CITIZEN, or as a DISARMED SUBJECT cringing before the roughshod and tyrannical demands of those to whom you foolishly relinquished your ability (i.e. your firearms) to resist their threats to your freedom or your life!  I trust that you will choose wisely as you consider the soothing platitudes regarding “sensible gun control”, and “gun safety”, and “protection of our children” that we’ll soon be hearing in ever-increasing shrillness from The Wicked Witch of the West—i.e. Nancy Pelosi and her disgusting ilk in Congress!  Your future liberty, and surely the liberty of your descendants, will depend upon  your ability, and your willingness, to see through the subterfuges of Pelosi/Schumer et. al!  More importantly, that blessing of liberty will depend upon YOUR—upon OUR—determination to firmly do whatever may be required to preserve our and our descendants’ Constitutional liberties.  And I do mean WHATEVER!!!

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