A few years ago  a friend sent me an e-mail that ostensibly was an “obituary”, but not for a person.  It was for that eminently practical commodity we’ve always referred to as ‘common sense’.  I’ve changed it a bit, and I don’t know who the original author was, but let me share it with you:

“Today we mourn the passing of an old, old friend, whose name was ‘Common Sense’.  He was with us for so long that no one alive today knows for sure just how ‘old’ he was, since his birth records were lost long ago in the maze of Washingtonian ‘red tape’.  He’ll be missed, though—that’s for certain.  Common Sense will be remembered, at least by the more “experienced” citizenry, as having taught us valuable lessons, such as:

  • Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
  • Why the early bird gets the worm;
  • Life isn’t always fair;
  • Maybe it was my fault;
  • Governments are seldom friends of liberty.

“Common Sense lived by simple and sound maxims, such as ‘don’t spend more than you can earn’, and ‘adults, not children, are in charge’. Apparently his health began to deteriorate rapidly when mal-educated “do-gooders” and other assorted non-thinking liberals began to burden him with overbearing regulations and terrible decisions, such as:

  • A 6-year-old boy being charged with “sexual harassment” for kissing a female classmate;
  • A teen suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch;
  • A teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student;
  • A second-grader suspended from school for pointing his fingers at a classmate and saying,“Bang bang”.

“These and countless other stupidities only seemed to worsen his condition.  Common Sense reportedly lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had  failed to do in disciplining their unruly brats.  It declined even faster when schools were required to get parental consent  to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student, but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

“Common Sense seems to have lost the will to live as the churches of the land turned into businesses and agents of the State, and criminals began to receive better treatment than their victims.  Common Sense took  a severe beating when it was decreed by some “courts” in the land that citizens couldn’t use force to defend themselves from an intruder in their own homes, and that the same intruder could sue that citizen for any injuries he sustained while invading their homes. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live after a careless woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was actually hot, being awarded a substantial cash settlement by a mind-numbed jury after spilling that same hot coffee into her lap while driving her car.

“Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents—Truth and Trust; by his wife—Discretion; by his daughter—Responsibility; and by his son—Reason.  However, he is survived by his four stepbrothers:

  • I know my rights;
  • I want it now;
  • Somebody else is at fault;
  • I’m just a victim.

Sadly, not many of us attended his funeral service because SO FEW realized he was gone!”

Had not poor ol’ ‘Common Sense’ already expired in “Cukoo Land”, he most certainly would have as he contemplated the results of the 2018 Mid-term elections.  I’ve always had a dim view of politicians, only a few of whom could be honestly called  honorable and statesman-like, while most of whom are slippery eels that I wouldn’t trust to walk my dog.  My only prayer for the vast majority of that untrustworthy leftist progressive brotherhood of moonbats that our totally ill-informed fellow Americans foisted on us in the House of Representatives last November is for them to be replaced in the 2020 election, and let another gaggle of liars try their hands at “governing” according to the rules established by our Founders in that old “outdated” document called The U.S. Constitution.  It’s sad that the “public trust” has deteriorated to the extent it has, but if on-going polls of the electorate are any indicator, all of Congress scores lower than worms in a compost pile.

There are precious few politicians in our current political climate who even try to abide by our Constitution. The outvoted and hard-pressed Congressional Republican Freedom Caucus seems to try to honor the “original intent” of that venerable document, but they are now even more of a minority than they were when those feckless so-called Republicans (the party of “compromise” and ‘watered-down principles’) were in control of our House of Mis-Representatives, led by the “Non-Speaker” of the House, Paul ‘Forked Tongue’ Ryan.  However, this article isn’t about politicians but about ‘Common Sense’, who moved out of “Looneyville-On-The-Potomac” many years ago.  Had Common Sense survived in our capital,  and had most Americans and most of the scurvy RINOS who have been only lukewarm in their support of President Trump’s reforms during his first 2 ½  years acted like true patriots, the survival of our constitutional freedoms would be much more secure.  Sadly, most of us know by now that Common Sense was exiled from the ‘halls of Congress’ decades ago, and we are now having to ‘pay the piper’ for the bitter tunes that the enemies of liberty and the despisers of free enterprise have ‘played’ for us. Those who foolishly “dance with the Devil” shouldn’t  be surprised when he exacts his terribly high price, which I fear we in America are only now beginning to contemplate.

Had Common Sense survived, we wouldn’t be faced with a looming economic catastrophe knocking at our doors, nor would we have approved trillion dollar “bailouts”, in the last decade or two,  of institutions and businesses that should have been allowed to go bankrupt, reorganize, and start afresh.  Had we listened long and hard to Common Sense, we wouldn’t be using our military to invade and occupy various Islamic hell-holes throughout the world, pretending to be “nation building”, and killing thousands of our finest young people and unknown multiple thousands of the citizens of those countries that we are trying to “democratize” against their wills, knowing full well that Muslims DON’T BELIEVE IN THE CONCEPT OF REPRESENTATIVE, OR CONSTITUTIONAL, REPUBLICS.    Nor would we be allowing the dregs of many failing countries to illegally INVADE our nation, bringing with them crime, drugs, multiple virulent diseases (like EBOLA and measles and possibly bubonic plague), all of them demanding that we care for them and their “children”; and the economic and societal scourge they bring upon our American people be damned!

Whatever may replace Common Sense in our country will surely have to concentrate on the following, as minimums:

  • Repeal “Obamacare” totally, and stop further socialistic government “care”, including getting the Feds OUT of health insurance programs;
  • Greatly reduce the out-of-control government spending that is bankrupting America; (Technically we’re already bankrupt, because our unrepayable national debt is almost $22 TRILLION);
  • Eliminate many of our Cabinet rank government departments;
  • Audit the Federal Reserve banking monopoly (which is NOT part of the federal government, being a privately owned “monetary monster”—a sinister “cash cow” run by international bankers), and replace the Federal Reserve with direct oversight by the Federal government as originally mandated by our Founders;
  • Demand that we get to a balanced Federal budget within 3 years, and insist that President Trump VETO any and all spending that doesn’t accomplish that goal, no matter how much it “hurts”. The failure to achieve continual balanced federal budgets will assure fiscal calamity sooner rather than later;
  • As Ron Paul wisely suggested more than once, “ensure a new, more humble foreign policy for America”, for we can no longer afford to be, nor should we ever have become, the world’s policeman, as President Trump has affirmed, but which “neo-cons” and RINO “war hawks” believe is the ‘destiny’ of the U.S.

To be honest, I’m no longer certain how we can survive the death of Common Sense.  The world of Western Civilization has depended upon him for so long that his departure may spell our doom.  Our politicians obviously don’t mourn his death, for most of them became enemies of Common Sense soon after they were elected.  In recent decades our pro-socialist, anti-American “main stream media” has celebrated his passing.  Even most of our churches have succumbed to “GovThink”, preferring to ignore the admonitions of Scripture about “serving two masters”, all the while pretending that they’ve always adored Common Sense.  The majority of our citizenry continue to exhibit their usual “ho hum” attitudes, preferring not to have their fascination with sports teams and their often disgusting players, despicable movie and TV “stars”,  mind numbing “social” media, and vile and disgusting “noise” that pretends to be “music” be disturbed, even as the waves of the approaching flood of disaster wash over the “bow” of our sinking “Titanic” of a country.  But be happy, my fellow Americans: Eat, drink, and be merry, as the old saying goes.  Our demise as a free society may not hurt too much---at least in the beginning.



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