Lamb Abortion Is Not A Moral Dilemma

“These…things the LORD hates…hands that shed innocent blood…” - Proverbs 6:16-17

“If we acknowledge our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness - 1st John, 1:9 (1599 Geneva Bible)

“As far as the East is from the West, so far has he removed our sins from us.” - Psalm 103:12 (1599 Geneva Bible)

I heard my mother talking with someone she called “doctor”.  Their words were muffled and difficult to understand in my condition.  I heard my mother asking her “doctor” if I would feel any pain.  I heard him reply that he really didn’t know with certainty if I would feel pain or not, but that he was sure that I wouldn’t.  I heard my mother ask her “doctor” whether or not he ever thought about whether people in my condition felt pain when he did the “medical procedure” on them—the same one he was about to do on me.  Her “doctor” seemed to hesitate, and I heard my mother ask him the same question again. 

Finally I heard him say that it never crosses his mind if I, or people like me, feel pain during this “medical procedure”.  I then heard my mother ask her “doctor” if he would give me any anesthetic before he performed the “procedure”, and I heard him reply that since I was only 15 I would not need it, and he told her again that he was almost certain that I would feel no pain.  But I was not certain at all.

I heard my mother ask her “doctor” if he thought that, since I was only 15, did I have a soul?  I heard her “doctor” tell her that he did not believe I had a soul yet, since I was only 15 and was not yet a “legal person”, and besides, only overly religious people believed that people at 15 or even earlier had souls.  I knew that I had a soul right from my

beginning.  I guess her “doctor” was not overly religious.  I heard my mother crying, but her “doctor” seemed insistent that she give her approval for the “medical procedure”.  I guess she finally did, because a short time later my mother got very quiet and didn’t move any more.  I started feeling strange, but since I was only 15 and in my condition,  I didn’t really understand what was happening to my mother.  I only know that I loved her, and I thought that she loved me, because she had been taking care of me since I became what I am.  I guess I was wrong.

Suddenly something hard and cold came into the place that I had been staying since I became what I am—a place warm and safe and nourishing.  I didn’t like this hard, cold thing that had invaded my home.  It was pulling me toward it, and it seemed threatening and dangerous.  I didn’t understand what was happening to me.  I only knew that, at the age of 15 WEEKS, I was a person, and had been since my father’s sperm and my mother’s ovum joined to create me.  Since I was a person, I knew that my mother, who was supposed to love me, would protect me and prevent me from being harmed.  I guess I was wrong again.  My heart rate increased as this hard, cold thing attacked me.  My blood flow increased.  I tried my best to push it away from me with my little hands, but it was too big and too powerful.  It grabbed me right in my own home, the place where I had always felt safe and protected.  This cold, hard thing ripped off my little hands, then my arms.  I guess my mother’s “doctor” had never had his hands and arms ripped off, because if he had he would not have performed this “medical procedure” on me.  After all, it was MY BODY that was being destroyed, NOT my mother’s body.  NOT her “doctor’s” body.  MY BODY!  MINE!

I can’t tell you the severe and excruciating pain I felt, since I was only 15 weeks old, and I couldn’t talk.  But I did scream as this cold, hard thing began to rip my small, helpless body apart and suction it out of my own home where I had lived ever since I became a person, although I had heard my mother’s “doctor” call me “just a fetus”, a “product of conception”.  No one could hear me screaming in pain, since they didn’t

believe I could feel any pain.  Or perhaps it was because they really didn’t care.  I screamed in silence, but I screamed, nevertheless.  Why was my mother doing this to me?  I screamed one last time for her to stop this, to protect me like she had always done, but she must not have heard my screams.  I had a soul!  I was a real human being, NOT a “potential” one.  Didn’t my mother know this?  Didn’t her so-called “doctor” know this?  Didn’t all the people in the world around them know this?  I guess they didn’t.  Or perhaps they did, but just didn’t want to think about it because what they were doing to me would embarrass them and might make them feel guilty for my death.

I was too small to help myself, too helpless to resist their MURDERING me.  I could feel the last of my life force leaving my 15 week old body, as it was finally shredded to little pieces and suctioned out of my own warm, safe home.  I felt my soul flee from my body and begin to return to my Heavenly Father who had created me.  I knew that He would love me even if my mother did not.  Oh my mother, WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?  WHY?  WHY?  You never gave me a chance to grow up and experience all the things that you and my father have experienced.  I wanted to be like you.  I wanted to have a chance to live, to know happiness, to listen to music, to read and learn, to watch sunrises and sunsets, to have friends and play with dogs, to love someone forever, but you SINNED and took it away from me.  ALL OF IT!

Ever since this holocaust known as “abortion” began in earnest back in 1973, there have been some Americans—Christians, concerned citizens, pro-life activists---some, but not enough—who have protested this great evil—this DELIBERATE MURDER OF THE UNBORN!  Far too many Americans have just resigned themselves to living with this gruesome carnage, convinced that they can do nothing to stop it.  Some of us don’t even care about this outrage being perpetrated against the most helpless among us.  But a few brave souls have stood against this great affront to the Creator who made us; they have done what they could to educate others and protest against this evil, exposing themselves to ridicule, slander, loss of income, and even violence.  Let me tell you about two of these HEROES who concluded that life is an inalienable right!

Carol Everett lived in Austin, Texas, and was for a long time a “successful abortionist”.  She had an abortion as a young woman, and came to believe she needed to justify having done so.  She soon entered the abortion (baby murder) “business” and did her best to talk other women into having abortions.  She became successful in this gruesome business and became hooked on the large income she was earning.  Well on her way to becoming a millionaire due to this grisly “business”, something happened to her along the way—she met a Baptist pastor who had been called into the clinic because tensions and problems had arisen between its employees.  This pastor specialized in resolving human conflicts in the workplace.  During some private time with this pastor he shared The Good News—the Gospel—with Carol.  As she later reported, she actually prayed the “sinner’s prayer” with him, mostly to say goodbye to him and get back to her lucrative business of murdering the unborn.

But that commitment to Christ that day began to change her life.  The very next day, Carol began to reflect that virtually every young woman who came to the abortion clinic to terminate her baby’s life was, in reality, terrified that her parents would “kill her” if they discovered she was pregnant.  Abortion to these young women seemed to be the expedient, cheap, and sure way out of their predicament.  Carol later admitted that she surprised herself when she talked three young women out of aborting their babies.  She slowly and inexorably came to realize the total INCOMPATIBILITY between murdering the unborn and her new Christian faith!

For Carol, her Savior had truly changed her heart.  She finally resolved that there could be no going back to her old life, no matter how wealthy she was becoming.  After having financially profited from 35,000 abortions, Carol left that gruesome and ungodly business.

Then there is the story of another woman who became one of many Christian heroes by renouncing her former baby-murdering life.  Her name is Abby Johnson, and her story is fairly well known in Christian and Christian patriot circles.  Abby always had it in her heart to help women in need.  This desire is what led her to a career with Planned Parenthood, our country’s largest abortion provider—an organization that had been founded in the early 20th century by, among others, the dastardly and sinister Margaret Sanger, who believed in “eugenics” (getting rid of ‘human weeds’ that she disapproved of—especially black babies and mentally challenged people).  Abby Johnson spent eight years working for Planned Parenthood, and swiftly rose through its ranks to become a director of one of its abortion clinics (euphemistically called “family planning” clinics). 

As time went by, however, Abby became more and more disturbed mentally and emotionally by what she daily witnessed at her clinic.  ABORTION was the main product that Planned Parenthood was selling, not family planning “counseling”, and as she later revealed, each Planned Parenthood clinic had a “sales goal”—i.e. an ABORTION GOAL each month which, if met or exceeded, resulted in lucrative bonuses for the director and her employees.  But Abby loved both her co-workers at the clinic and the women that came to her in desperation, in confusion, in shame, and in what they perceived to be a crisis, and for many years “looked the other way”, earning  a large income and, despite a gnawing feeling of guilt or unrest within her, she stayed at Planned Parenthood year after year, believing in her heart that she was helping other women who needed her help and could find it nowhere else.

But God changed Abby: “All of that changed on September 26, 2009 when Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion.  She watched in horror as a 13 week (unborn) baby fought for, and  ultimately lost, its life at the hand of the abortionist.”

It was at that point that Abby came to admit to herself what abortion truly was, and that she had dedicated much of her life to murdering the helpless unborn.  This realization overwhelmed her and brought about a dramatic mental transformation.  Soon, desperate and confused, as she described herself at that time, she reached out to get help and counseling from a local pro-life group.  She vowed then that she would “begin to advocate for life in the womb and expose abortion for what it truly is.”  She resigned from Planned Parenthood and began to speak out against their grisly “business”. 

As expected, the ultra-wealthy and powerful Planned Parenthood organization reacted swiftly against Abby, being greatly concerned that its employees who leave, especially for conscience’s sake, are its greatest threat.  Planned Parenthood immediately tried to silence Abby with a “gag order” from a judge, and proceeded to take her to court.  Fortunately this lawsuit was recognized as the sham that it was and it was ultimately thrown out of court, thereby allowing Abby to continue to expose the evil that Planned Parenthood commits in our nation, which she does to this very day.

The media continues its interest in Abby Johnson’s story, and her on-going efforts to advocate for the  unborn and help abortion clinic employees to escape from that Satanic industry.  Abby later wrote a nationally best-selling book titled, UNPLANNED, which chronicles her experiences within Planned Parenthood and her dramatic exit.  Recently a film of the same name was produced from her book.  You can buy her book and movie from her website, <>.  Just recently Abby gave an hour-long interview on Conservative Business Journal, the web site founded and run by my friends, John and Christie Di Lemme.

You can watch Abby’s interview with John Di Lemme by logging on to:

I highly recommend that you watch John’s interview with Abby Johnson, a truly brave hero who is fighting to stop this “American Holocaust” of baby murder that she had been involved in for so long.  If enough Americans determine to do likewise, we can put an end, or at least a major “dent’, into this insidious business that has afflicted our nation for far too long.  In closing, for all Christian women who might have had an abortion in their past, remember that God has FORGIVEN YOU, even for that.  Read again the 2nd and 3rd Bible verses at the beginning of this article, and be comforted by our Heavenly Father’s promises.

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