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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 06:44 PM


First Published in 1994


Texas Republican Senator Ted Kruz has upset Democrats and Establishment Republicans by failing to follow the Republican Party leadership that wants to avoid a confrontation with Harry Reid and Barack Obama and just sit back and allow Obamacare to fail on it’s own and embarrass the Democrats. Then, they reason, the Democrats will allow the Republicans to help them fix the failed system and make it better.

That strategy sounds reasonable to citizens who somehow remain unaware of who Barack Obama is and what his agenda means to the future of our constitutional republic. All they would have to do to understand Obama’s every move would be to read a little about Sol Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the Howard Piven methods.

The only possible reasons for Republicans to willingly remain so ignorant must be fear of losing power, influence and wealth available to entrenched career politicians.

Senator Kruz and a handfull of other conservatives in the Senate have had the courage to stand up against their party leadership that is openly lying to the public and supporting Democrat Leader Harry Reid as he carries out the Obama agenda. They are even going along with the Democrat propaganda that Conservative Republicans, influenced by the “evil” Tea Party faction wants to shut down the government, despite the fact that legislation passed by the Republican-dominated House is designed to prevent that possibility.

The problem with the Congressional leadership plan is that it is not a Republican opposition plan at all. It is the leftist Democrat “Obama Plan,” that the Republican leadership has either unwittingly or intentionally bought into.

It is fairly obvious that many of the Republican leaders are acting out of fear. Some fear that they will lose their social and financial standing with powerful Democrats that allow them to “share the spoils” of career elected office and the perks of party leadership. Most are also horrified that conservative, Tea Party supported candidates will defeat them at the polls in the next primary or election.

In South Carolina with open primaries, for example, Senator Lindsey Graham will need and undoubtedly expects significant numbers of Democrats voting in the Republican primary in order to become the Republican nominee in 2014.

Republicans at the national level and some at the state level have failed to understand or acknowledge who Barack Obama is and what his agenda is for America. He publicly promised the radical Left that he would “transform America.” Obamacare is the centerpiece of that reform plan, however it is not the end game. The end game is one hundred percent government run socialized medicine. The president is on video clearly saying that it will take a while but that the ultimate objective is a “single payer system” of health care. That is the definition of government-run socialized medicine.

The easiest way to accomplish government-run socialized medicine is for Obamacare to fail and create so much fear, chaos, pain and suffering for Americans that they will gladly accept anything offered to replace it that will promise to provide better and cheaper health care.  The prearranged solution would be government-run socialized medicine that Americans will be told they are demanding.

Senator Cruz and his colleagues in the Senate and House should be commended for demonstrating a greater degree of courage than any Republican to date, as they expose the truth about Obama Care and its impact on individuals, business and employment. No elected Republican at the national level has yet had the courage to tell the American people that Barack Obama is committed to transforming America, and socialized medicine is a major instrument needed to control individual citizens and businesses in order to achieve total dictatorial powers.

When government controls health care, cost can be controlled by rationing care through death panels, means testing, setting penalties on the overweight, smokers, gun owners, and others out of favor such as “judgmental” Christians. We must remind our elected officials that once freedom is lost it must be earned by the shed blood of patriots. We must avoid that!