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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 05:37 PM


First Published in 1994


In the midst of a war on terror, sometimes referred to as “workplace violence” suddenly we begin hearing stories of non-terrorists terrorizing people. The latest was Miriam Carey, who reportedly was designated the “Prophet of Stamford, Connecticut,” who was said to be obsessed with President Obama and believed he was electronically monitoring her home and communicating with her.

She may have been attempting to visit Obama when she drove 270 miles to the White House with her 18-month old child and crashed through a blockade at the White House. Her actions caused the Secret Service and Police to take suit and finally force her out of her car near the Nation’s Capitol where the unarmed woman was shot and killed. The shooting and death of an unarmed black woman is shrouded in controversy and secrecy. There were allegedly 15 bullet holes in her car. The child was unharmed and there was no report on how many bullets hit the woman. It was reported that she was shot and killed after departing the vehicle.

A few blocks away, in a federally mandated gun free area, a man shot a dozen U. S. Navy employees who had no legal means of defending themselves.  He too was allegedly receiving unsolicited low frequency voices in his head. We will never know what actually motivated these criminals, because they have taken the answers with them to the grave.

The woman who was shot allegedly used her car as a weapon. It was first announced that she injured a policeman with her car. ABC News reported, however, that the injured law enforcement officer was actually a Secret Service agent “who was injured when the vehicle he was using to chase the suspect was upended by one of the Capitol’s electronic barricades as it rose out of the ground.”

Virtually all of the recent domestic, “non-terror” terrorist attacks have been committed by individuals who allegedly have a history of mental illness and treatment. Studies show that most of these individuals are taking prescription medication, and some prescription mind-altering drugs are known to lead to suicide. Could they not also lead to murder?

Both of the individuals shot by police in Washington, D.C. had personal problems. The man who killed the people working for the Navy had a beef with the Navy both as a sailor and as a civilian contractor. The woman had an unplanned eighteen-month-old child and had been fired from her job as a dental technician more than a year ago. The dentist received complaints form patients that the technician was hurting them. During the few months she was working for the dentist she had a fall and lost several weeks of work.

President Obama has created high expectations in some of his more fanatic supporters. As they realize that their expectations are not going to be met, they are becoming angry and frustrated. Some of this pent up frustration can lead to desperation and demonstrated dramatically in violence at some point.

There are literally thousands of individuals wandering around on the streets of the United States who fit the definition of Mentally Ill.  Many do not think rationally and can be activated to commit a violent act by someone who can effectively use psychological techniques.

Psychological techniques have been developed and perfected to allow skilled change agents to hypnotically program a fellow human being to execute a command when provided with the trigger signal. The most commonly used and well-known psychological techniques such as the Delphi technique are used for manipulating groups of people to do things they would previously oppose. Beware of “Prophets” obsessed with Obama. They are very effective when properly administered. The “programming” of individuals to be manipulated at a future date is more sinister and destructive to the individual being programmed.

We should not be surprised if there are thousands of “Manchurian Candidates” in the population unknowingly awaiting the signal to do a dastardly deed.