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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 06:32 PM


First Published in 1994


Now is the time for all good Americans to face the cold, hard facts of life. We must put aside our naïve idealism and accept the hard cruel truth that we are past the wonderful years when we could “tune out” problems that do not impact us personally. In the not too distant past, with a high degree of confidence, we could assume that all would end well because all always had ended well in our constitutional republic blessed by God and led by patriotic, freedom loving elected officials.

Five years ago Americans willingly voted for change without knowing what change they were voting for. They had been taught a revisionist History and many Americans sincerely believed that it was time for black Americans to have their own president as reparation for mistreatment of their ancestors.

A large number of American voters were willingly deceived and casually threw away the constitutional protections that hundreds of thousands of Americans have fought and died to protect and defend. Based on emotions and “white guilt” many well-meaning voters joined the Marxists, cast their ballot for an unknown person, whose past affiliations and history had been edited and sanitized. The fact that he was the son of an activist American Communist and a Kenyan Muslim and refused to provide additional information about his past was given a pass by a supportive media and Republicans fearful of being labeled racists.

How could this happen in our country? That is a question I once asked my German friends. They all had the same answer. Hitler was charming and extremely popular. He seemed to be just what Germany needed at that time in history. By the time they realized they had been duped, it was too late. My thought was, “How could smart people be so easily fooled?” It was then I made a tragic misjudgment. “That can never happen in the United States.” It is happening, and our would-be dictator was reelected to a second term before a majority of voters began to wise up. They did not understand what he meant when he said repeatedly that his mission was to fundamentally “change” the country.

The American people had been conditioned for decades to blindly accept someone like Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Adolph Hitler and Communist dictators concentrated on indoctrinating youth, beginning at a very young age. Hitler boasted that he did not need support of mature adults after he assumed dictatorial powers. He controlled the youth and they had been conditioned to be loyal subjects to Hitler, even when it pitted them against their parents.

For decades American Marxists have been preparing American youth to accept European style socialism through government schools, dominant media and Hollywood movies and television.

We were told that Communism was dead when the Berlin Wall came down. That was a clever lie that has allowed Communists to move into critical positions in the United States Government.

Millions of students who attended government schools have been taught the Communist view of government and a negative view of our founders; They have been taught that government should be the provider and ensure that everyone is compensated equally.

Students are taught that war is evil and unnecessary and that the military should be used for peaceful purposes and for Homeland Security. Talking to many high school and college students about the Constitution and government these days is like talking to an alien from outer space. Try it some time. Even children who were taught family and national values by their parents have been reprogrammed. They have abandoned God, the Constitution, freedom and the free enterprise system. They believe government is god and should provide all their needs and wants.

It is time for Americans to wake up and face the cold, hard facts of life before it is too late.