There has been a lot of real and alleged fraud and cheating in recent elections. In fact, it goes back at least to the Kennedy – Nixon race where it is quite well-documented that the Mafia was engaged to deliver West Virginia and possibly other states to Kennedy.

ACORN was one of the specialized organizations that was involved in delivering votes to President Obama, using a variety of alleged fraudulent methods. In a few states the allegations of fraud were investigated and prosecuted. Voter fraud in Greenville County was allegedly reported to the State and no action was taken.

South Carolina has no system for checking for duplicate voting between counties and states.

The Presidential election set for November 2016 is the most important election in our lifetime. I believe this to be true and so do many others who are paying attention and care about the future of our Republic.

The next election will literally determine whether future generations of Americans will live in freedom or tyranny. Our constitutional protections and system of laws are being systematically eliminated, ignored or modified. Mr. Obama is keeping his campaign promise to the Socialists and Communists in the Democratic Party to “change” the country.

It is important to recognize that Barack Obama was selected and trained to do what he is doing by Communist Terrorists of the 1960s.His mother and her parents were anti-Vietnam War leftists. Both his father and stepfather were Muslims. As a result of his background and indoctrination, he has a very different worldview than most Americans.

The next individual to be elected President of the United Stated will have the power to continue or accelerate the current trend toward a Socialist dictatorship, with a national police force (Gestapo/KGB), or slow or stop the trend and possibly reverse parts of it.

With the help of radical leftist political activists now in control of the Democrat Party, the President is putting mechanisms in place to control the outcome of elections. The choice will be his.

It is quite apparent that President Obama intends to take whatever administrative actions necessary to authorize millions of illegal aliens to vote in the 2016 General Election. Not only could this give Democrats permanent control of the White House, it would likely give them control of both houses of Congress also.

We have another eighteen months to endure Obama, if he is willing to leave office at the end of his second term in January 2017. He has already said he does not intend to leave the D. C. area when he leaves office.

If he is willing to turn the White House over to Hillary Clinton at the end of his second term, we can expect extensive fraud and cheating in the election process supported by the Obama Justice Department with the liberal court system the only recourse for redress by Republicans. By the time the court acts, a President elected under the illegal methods will be in office with no possibility of overturning the election.

With the help of government agencies and radical leftist political activists, the President is putting mechanisms in place to either determine the outcome of the election or decide not to have an election. The choice will be his.

A worst case Scenario would be Baltimore style riots triggered by Obama Supporters. They may be fearful that a newly-elected president could impose the rule of law. Such a situation would probably invite Martial Law and result in cancellation of elections for the duration of the emergency. The Administration has 18 months to “federalize” local police and restructure the leadership of the military to ensure loyalty to the Administration.

These will be the most dangerous months in United States History, concluding with the most important election in our lifetime.

Be aware!


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