Many of us were told as children that, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” That thought could be expanded to adults with an “ignorant mind,” or more appropriately an “uninformed or misinformed mind.” Any of the above deficiencies are subject to being exploited and manipulated by evil individuals or groups.

The planned “dumbing-down” of a portion of two generations of students by the national government-directed public school system has resulted in the largest number of ignorant, uninformed and misinformed adults in American history. This wholesale ignorance provides a fertile field for leftist college professors, politicians and other evildoers to exploit.

Every manner of perverted ideology is exploiting this weakness. The ultimate target of almost all of these groups is Biblical Christianity, the foundation of our society. As a result, even the current leaders of the United States Government appear to be doing everything within their power to destroy the influence of Christianity in American public and private life. The current President of the United States publicly attacks and ridicules Christianity in an unprecedented manner.

Currently, there is a worldwide war aimed at exterminating Christians. The worldwide effort is led and executed by Muslims. While the American people are told that it is a fringe group of extremists and not representative of Islam as a whole that are beheading, raping and enslaving Christians in Africa and elsewhere, this popular scenario defies the facts.

President Obama and others tell us that Islam is a “peaceful religion.” If the religion is so peaceful, why are thousands of adherents to Islam cutting off the heads of those who do not conform to the teachings of Islam?

Could it be that ISIS and the other enforcers of the Koran and Sharia Law are the true believers in Islam? Are they carrying out the tenants of their religion? Are they doing precisely what they believe their “god” has commanded them to do?

It is time that Americans, out of necessity, become informed about the facts of the religion of Islam. However, there is fear of retaliation for speaking negatively about any aspect of Islam.

There are an estimated 3,000 Muslims in the Greenville Area. They have their own schools that are attended by some of their children. Recently, the Islamic Society of Greenville held an event in Greer to encourage friendship with neighbors. The purpose of the event was to facilitate relationships and reduce or end fear and hatred of Muslims by non-Muslims. About 150 people from a “spectrum of faiths” attended the event, according to a report in the Greenville News.

A few years ago, an alleged drunken man set the Mosque on Wade Hampton Blvd. on fire. Some months later, the structure had been rebuilt with reported help from the community. Governor David Beasley spoke at the dedication of the repaired Mosque. The dedication ceremony was attended by dozens of Christian pastors and others from Christian organizations.

Many Americans are less trusting of Muslims since supposedly nice guys suddenly turn deadly like at Fort Hood, Boston, and in Oklahoma where a Muslim cuts the head off a harmless grandmother.

This fear and distrust of Muslims is apparently what prompted the friendly outreach of the local Muslim community to their neighbors. Local Muslims say the bad Muslims don’t represent them any more than the Ku Klux Klan represented all Southern Protestants.

One of the principles of warfare is to “Know Your Enemy.” Hopefully, our Muslim neighbors love their neighbors. In the meantime, we should listen to those with the long knives that say they will take over our country, and those non-Muslims who do not conform to their religious law will be punished. If you doubt what they say, get a copy of the Koran and read it for yourself.



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