Freedom Comes from God, however man must defend and protect it or other men, greedy for wealth, power or fame will purchase, barter or trade it. Freedom is purchased and preserved for a price. There are those who pay the price for freedom and those who are willing to sell or trade freedom for a price to enrich themselves, purchase promises of security and comfort or to gain power over others.

Before the United States was created as a representative republic, all nations were ruled by kings or dictators. For the first time in history, the people of this country were protected by a Bill of Rights in a Constitution. We were free men and women with the right to own property and determine what to do with it. This freedom and the free enterprise system it produced, created the greatest standard of living the world had ever known.

This wealth and high standard of living resulted in both envy and hate. Individuals wanted to come to the United States and take advantage of the opportunities this unique free country offered. No external power was able to conquer the power of the economic engine the free enterprise system produced.

During the Cold War of the 1950’s, Nikita Kruschev boasted that “we will defeat you from within.” Most Americans failed to recognize what he was talking about. At that time, the United States Government was already littered with Communists who were biding their time. A few people tried to expose the  Communist infiltrators, but the American people, busy enjoying their new found prosperity, ignored the warning signs. We were drawn into wars against the Communists in Korea and Vietnam as part of a United Nations force. Both the UN and the American government were infiltrated by Communists that had sufficient influence to ensure that the military were not allowed to win either war.

As the American people enjoyed their sports, cars and computers, a coalition of Communists and other revolutionaries consolidated their power and, with the help of Jimmy Carter, the Clintons and leftist college professors, the public schools were converted to a public indoctrination system patterned after the Arkansas Governor’s School.

By the turn of the century, the coalition of anti-free-enterprise leftists anxious to destroy the national security system and redistribute the perceived wealth derived from the “peace dividend” to their ignorant helpers in destroying the “goose that laid the golden egg” had amassed sufficient power to elect a President, control the media and the entire academic system, with few exceptions.

During the sixty years of waiting, the “enemy within” had plenty of detailed plans for carrying out their evil plan of redistribution. They are very good at smothering businesses with regulations, taking over large segments of the private sector and putting it under government control.

For the next eighteen months, although the Republicans on paper control both houses of congress, they are timid and afraid. Through Executive Orders, Administrative Orders and regulations, the President and bureaucrats are choking out small business, small farm owners and  individual families.

These leftists so loathed the military that they do not have anyone who knows how to use power in foreign policy or fight a war or even win a battle.

We have people fighting and dying in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere without leadership.  Young punk political appointees sitting in the White House and Pentagon are selecting targets and giving go and no go orders to planes flying missions in Iraq. It has been reported that seventy percent of the warplanes return to base without firing their weapons or dropping their bombs because, after over the presumed target, they could not get permission to launch their weapons. We are losing the war against Radical Islam and there seems to be no way to reverse the trend any time soon.

This is a very frustrating time for retired trained and tested warriors. What is happening to our county and to our freedom is pure insanity, and it is very painful to watch without doing something drastic.


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