The first military veterans entered the Republican Primary race for President last week. South Carolina’s Senior Senator Lindsey Graham and former Texas Governor Rick Perry have tossed their hats in the ring.  Both served in the United States Air Force, but the similarity ends there. Graham was a JAG Reservist, while Perry was an active duty pilot.

Graham has served his state and nation in both the House and United States Senate. Perry has served as Texas’ longest serving Governor. Perry could be described as a no-compromise conservative, while Graham appears eager, along with his friend John McCain, to compromise with liberal Democrats on the appointment of judges, amnesty for illegal aliens, and some other issues.

Democrats and RINO Republicans will make certain voters do not forget that Perry was on painkiller medication for a back problem. Forgot the third agency he promised to close down in the last presidential primary. He also has a pending legal matter with a democrat in Texas that could create a negative impression on voters who do not know all the facts.

Perry as Governor of Texas has led the country in job creation and low taxes. Texas created 1.5 million new jobs during his last seven years in office. Graham has no comparable experience.

Senator Graham is elected to the United States Senate as a Republican only because South Carolina has open primaries and Graham benefits from crossover party voters. Governor Perry is highly regarded by active and retired military personnel. Several prominent veterans and their spouses were present for his announcement.  As a Texan, he feels comfortable talking tough on National Defense. Graham has a lot of money, however Perry also has a lot of committed donors that will cough up the necessary money when the time arrives.

Perry has diligently prepared for this contest. Unless some quirk appears, he is likely to be in the contest to the end.

Rumors from the Graham camp and elsewhere, indicate that if Graham does not do well in Iowa and New Hampshire, before the South Carolina primary, he will offer his support to Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida, who is the clear choice of the “Moderate” Republican Party National Committee. With a dozen or more Republican candidates in the race, Graham’s endorsement of Bush would virtually assure his win in South Carolina. Without a win in Iowa or New Hampshire, a big win in South Carolina would boost Bush and help him to overcome the challenge of Marco Rubio in Florida.

Helping Bush to win South Carolina would place Graham in a favorable position to become Secretary of Defense or get a Supreme Court appointment from Bush.

Rick Santorum was asked how he would fund a military build-up necessary to defeat ISIS and protect the People of the United States from other potential enemies. The former Senator went off on his experience in the Senate overruling weapons the military leaders wanted but did not need in the view of the Senator.

Rick Perry, it seems to me, has all issues in perspective. Additional revenue comes from lowering corporate taxes, bringing money and businesses back from overseas. Eliminate regulations that hinder business, build the pipeline, drill for oil and become energy independent. Sell natural gas to Europe. Provide leadership to make Americans proud again and respected by our allies and feared by our enemies.

A Bush win would accomplish some of the same objectives, however, a third Bush would lead the nation into a one-world government before his terms were complete.

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