A small group of Christians saw the face of evil while gathered at a Charleston Church for Bible Study last Wednesday night.   The evil came in the form of a very confused and troubled young man filled with hate. To the best of our knowledge, they never met him before. Although he may have met the Pastor who was a State Senator and well-known in Columbia, near where the alleged killer spent much of his life. He must have felt confident sitting in a room in a gun-free zone with a group of mostly elderly black women. His only motive must have been to shed innocent blood.  Nothing else makes any sense.

Logically, his irrational behavior would indicate some sort of satanic influence and possibly manipulation by another individual. No rational sane individual, no matter how mean or full of hate would casually murder a group of mostly elderly women with nothing to be gained and no reason to dislike his victims. After all, his closest friends were black people with whom he had shared his vague plans of mass murder at other locations with different victims.

Clearly, there is more to this tragic story than has been reported. Was the alleged killer involved in Satanism or Witchcraft? Why are most of the photo’s shown by the media made in cemeteries? What roles have his apparently divorced parents had in his life? What other individuals had an opportunity to influence the behavior of this immature, 21 year-old child? What influence did his group of black friends have on his attitude and behavior? Who is his alleged roommate? How and why did he pick a church halfway across the state to execute his evil deed?

What was the source of the media report that the killer wanted to start a race war? One potential victim was allegedly allowed to escape or survive. Why don’t we know more about the identity and other facts surrounding this individual and any previous personal contact with the alleged killer?

As expected, every time there is an incident involving firearms, the leftists who have been intent on disarming Americans for a century go into action. President Obama led the way alleging that more gun control is necessary to curb such killings.

Many Christian churches have security in place; however, some black churches have adopted the liberal position that no guns should be allowed in church facilities. It has been reported that more churches had security the first Sunday after the Charleston murders.

There have been reports that the alleged killer’s sister was scheduled to be married this past weekend. He wasn’t an invited guest. He was reportedly only 11 miles from her home when police apprehended him.

As could have been anticipated, the racists who want to remove every vestige of true Southern History from public view are demanding that the small Confederate battle flag be removed from the confederate soldier monument on the State Capitol grounds,

Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential candidate whose inept campaign gave Barack Obama a second term wants the battle flag removed from Capitol grounds.

Opponents of the flag are either ignoring or ignorant of the fact that the flag is where it is as the result of a compromise agreement with black lawmakers that included removing the flag from the Capitol dome and constructing on the Capitol grounds an elaborate memorial honoring African-Americans. The NAACP was not a party to the agreement and initiated an ineffective boycott of the state.

The battle flag doesn’t cause anyone to commit murder. To allege otherwise is pure malicious hatred. People of ill will sometimes misuse the battle flag.    The same is true for the American flag that is misused, desecrated and burned by misguided and angry people.

This confused, angry young man apparently has an absence of God in his life, leaving a void to be filled with all manner of evil that spewed forth in Charleston last week destroying the lives of 9 innocent people and negatively impacted hundreds.

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing.”


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