The Republican Party has an elaborate national organization and a well-paid Chairman of the Republican National Committee, but who knows what they stand for and what they are doing to defeat Hillary Clinton or whoever the Democrat candidate for President will be?

Hillary, a former United States Senator, First Lady and Secretary of State for Barack Obama, is portraying herself as a patriotic American. She has assumed leadership of the Democrats and, while ignoring her alleged criminal past, is doing a great job of consolidating her party base and listing specifically what she will do for each constituency group.

At the same time, Republicans have more than a dozen candidates in the race. Ranging all the way from liberal to RINO and conservative, they all claim to be conservative. What is missing and desperately needed is a national voice to define the issues and present a unified voice. As we head into a third election against a far-left party that is dismantling the Constitutional Republic our founders created and our ancestors have fought and died for, neither the national Republicans nor a single candidate has the courage to tell the American people the truth about the opposition. That is inexcusable.

The only thing we know for sure about the Republican national party is that they financially support candidates who oppose “right wing conservatives” and Tea Party supported candidates. You can’t determine their position on issues by the Republican Party Platform, because they don’t adhere to it.

A large segment of the traditional party faithful is sitting on the sidelines. They are trying to decide if the RNC is going to get its act together and act as conservative Republicans or destroy the GOP as the last hope for defending and preserving the Constitutional Republic the founders created for us.

There are strong indications that the Republican National Committee and their Chairman have decided that Jeb Bush is their candidate and they are waiting for his pending announcement before taking positions on issues. If that is the case, there is a strong possibility that a large segment of the Republican electorate will create a third party movement, or simply stay home on election day as some have done in recent past elections.

There is a spiritual aspect to this election cycle, although many people don’t want to talk about it. Regardless, ignoring it will not make it go away.

There is a worldwide war against Christianity raging. Christians by the hundreds are being murdered around the world by followers of Islam. In this country, the battle is subtle. Enemies of God and Jesus Christ are infiltrating the church, at the denomination and Seminary levels and through the congregation. Their most dangerous weapon is compromise. The child of a prominent church member is living as a homosexual and the pastor doesn’t dare go near scripture that condemns that behavior. A prominent church member owns a liquor store and supports the work of the church with his income. No preaching on the evils of alcohol is allowed.

Several young adults in the congregation are addicted to alcohol or other legal or illegal drugs. Rather than finding a Bible based solution to the problem with proven results, church leaders recommend a secular 12 step program.

The pastor has been cautioned by liberal members to be politically correct and not say or do anything offensive. Soon, without realizing what is happening, the pastor is no longer an effective spiritual leader, but the coordinator of a denominational social club with pride in buildings, personalities, numbers and programs. The saving Blood of Jesus Christ and his provision for fallen man is mentioned only in passing and the power of the Holy Spirit of God is denied or ignored.

Without the divine intervention of our all-powerful God, we have no hope of survival as a nation. Our form of government is designed to perform for a “moral people,” By no measure can we say the American people or the people elected to run the government is currently moral.

The Republican Party needs a leader and a spiritual compass.


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