The most-angry citizens in the United States today are the active duty military and surviving veterans. This is disgraceful and should never be. Our nation is at war, our soldiers are being killed and out government refuses to acknowledge who the enemy is or allow out troops to destroy them or even protect themselves from attack.

Unless the American people wake up and take a history lesson and accept some responsibility, the veterans may have to save the republic because no one else cares. No one cares about the active duty military or vets beyond their immediate families. The republic will not survive under these circumstances.

More than a year ago, the President and Congress went through the motions of fixing the VA. Virtually any veteran you ask today will tell you the VA, including the Greenville Clinic, is worse than it was before they spent all the money and appointed new bureaucrats.

The combat arm of the Muslim Brotherhood targeted American Military Personnel and dependents for death and urged their supporters in this country to kill them.

A Muslim attacked a recruiting office and military training facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, last week, killing 5 unarmed Marines and Sailors. The FBI is allegedly unable to determine a motive.

This is war. He killed 5 of our fighting men. He is the enemy. End of story. But our Government is protecting the enemy. Why? A more appropriate question is: Why are we allowing it to happen?

In Charleston, South Carolina, a white male about the same age as the Muslim killed 9 unarmed civilians. A judge has not yet released the police report.  However in less than 24 hours, the media and the Governor of South Carolina, and every leftist organization in the nation had determined that the killer was motivated by racism. They cited, as proof of the motive, his photograph with a Confederate battle flag, yet his closest friends were African-Americans and they reportedly said he never showed indications of racism.

What is wrong with this picture? Should Gov. Haley, the S. C. Legislature, MOVEON.ORG and the Media replace the FBI and Department of Defense? They seem to have no problems determining motives.

It is not surprising that the bumper sticker most in demand says: “If you think this represents hate, you need a history lesson.”

Speaking of history and honoring or mistreating veterans, the United States Congress passed a law several years ago that was signed by the President of the United States requiring that Confederate veterans be accorded the same honors as veterans of the Union Army or the United States armed forces.

The United States Government provided the headstones for the Unknown Confederate Veterans buried in Springwood Cemetery on North Main Street in Greenville. It is disgraceful and unpatriotic that the local media maligned those unknown veterans.

Former Confederate soldiers and their sons, grandsons, great-grandsons and great-great-grandsons have served honorably under the United States flag in every war since General Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

Reportedly, Clemson College produced more commissioned officers serving in World War II than both military service academies combined.

Is it now acceptable to dishonor all veterans and all active duty military personnel?

As Vietnam veterans, we pledged to never sit idly by and allow future warriors and veterans to be mistreated as we were by our government and fellow Americans. It is now happening and a line must be drawn in the sand.

One of the reasons the big government socialists are attempting to erase all symbols of Southern history is that the struggle against overreaching, unconstitutional federal government continues. Most of the opposition to big government bullying is coming from the South, where a remnant of people know factual history and know tyranny when they see it. These same people are very patriotic and supportive of the Constitution of the United States and our military service members.

They must provide a history lesson to the ignorant masses before the masses destroy the best country in God’s creation.


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