South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has become the darling of the National Republican Party and the Soros / leftist wing of the Democrat Party for stampeding the state legislature to quickly remove the battle flag from the Soldier’s Memorial on the State House grounds in the presence of a cheering mob.

The alleged reason for rolling up the flag and tucking it away in the state museum’s Relic Room, using a military-style ceremony reminiscent of Nazi Germany, was the murder of 9 Black churchgoers in Charleston by a young man who has been accused of being a racist. The police report and all records pertaining to the case have been sealed by a judge and hidden from the public, leaving many questions unanswered.

What is known is that Governor Haley and a majority of the State Legislature became the useful “tools” of a national movement much larger than their prejudices or political ambitions, and the tragic and brutal murder case in Charleston.

The truth is that the actions by Gov. Haley and her followers are clearly another chapter in Reconstruction of the South and perpetuation of the myth that President Lincoln and the intentions of the North were virtuous and the states that withdrew from the Union were evil.

Factual history does not support this myth. Honest historians, seeing the continuation of the political issues that caused the secession of the Southern States and Union invasion and terrorist atrocities committed against the people of the South, are exposing the myth.

Two historical distortions that have been perpetuated by politicians and government schools for 150 years stand in the way of an understanding of factual history and the impact of history on current events.

Until 1865, it was legal and constitutional for member states to secede from the Union they created. Statements to the contrary ignore the facts of history. The Union invasion of the South and victory over the South nullified that agreement and the Union began the continuing strides toward becoming a large, tyrannical government bullying the states that created it with limited powers.

The invasion of the South was not to free slaves, nor did Southerners fight to preserve slavery. Freeing slaves was adopted as a military and political strategy during the war that the north was losing. Northerners were growing weary and Lincoln was facing rebellion at home. European nations, seeing the truth of what was happening were about to side with the South.

Adoption of the slavery issue as an emotional cause helped to solve those foreign and domestic problems for Lincoln. It should be noted, however, that no slaves were freed in the territory controlled by Lincoln until after the war ended.

When asked why he released his slaves only after the war ended, General Grant, commander of Lincoln’s Union forces reportedly responded sarcastically: “Good help is hard to find!”

The Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave. It applied only to the states that had seceded and were then a separate nation.

Would-be dictators and tyrants fear a large remnant of unreconstructed citizens in the South who love their country and it’s constitution, cling to their Bible and guns, and are willing to fight and die to preserve freedom for their children.

Big government advocates are the people behind the sudden national urgency to blame the Charleston murders on the Confederate battle flag, remove the flag from the Soldier’s Monument and demonize every other symbol of Southern pride across the nation.

Tragically, the Republican National Committee sees Southerners who refuse to be politically controlled in the same way Democrats have controlled the descendants of slaves for 150 years, as a problem that must be overcome. They may have been a factor in nudging Gov. Haley into the panic mode to remove the flag without giving thought to the compromise legislation that placed it there or the damage the action is having on the Republican Party and race relations.

Proud Southerners will not soon forget the unnecessary and unprovoked disrespect shown by South Carolina elected officials to their ancestors who heroically died defending their state, homes and families from an invading force.

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