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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 05:44 PM


First Published in 1994


By the time this issue reaches readers, the New Hampshire Primary will be history and the remaining active presidential candidates will be pouring into South Carolina. Reportedly South Carolina has been labeled the “Stop Trump State.” The reported polls show Donald Trump out front. Establishment Republicans seem to be split over Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. It is expected that their PAC s will be attacking both Trump and Cruz. Both Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum have dropped out of the race. Santorum has endorsed fellow Roman Catholic Marco Rubio. It is likely that Huckabee will endorse either Trump or Cruz, unless he remains neutral a while longer.

Unfortunately, Trump and Cruz will split the Republican Evangelical vote. Trump will likely pull some “Reagan or Yellow Dog” Democrats into the Republican primary, as will Jeb Bush with the help of Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Both Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy have publicly endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio. Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster is supporting Trump and appearing with him across the state. Much of the legislature is supporting Jeb Bush.

After the primary votes are tallied on Saturday, February 20, the candidates will depart as fast as they arrived and we will see them no more except on the television screen.

The outcome of the South Carolina Republican Primary is not predictable because the state has open primaries and any registered voter can vote in the South Carolina Primary regardless of their legal or claimed party affiliations.

Trump is vulnerable to attacks by his critics because many of his positions are being formed as he talks to voters. Douglas Scott, president of Life Decisions International warns that Trump may not be firmly pro-life since he has been affiliated with some pro-choice organizations in the past.

At press time Monday evening, the outcome of the New Hampshire Primary was not known.  Should Trump win both South Carolina and New Hampshire, it will give him a boost that will be hard to overcome by the Bush political machine, even in an open convention fight.

Some primary voters worry that Trump will become a “Big Government” advocate after the election. Trump supporter’s point out that we already know that Jeb Bush and the other candidates are “Big Government” advocates.

Dr. Phyllis Schlafly has released a 15-page report warning the American people about Marco Rubio’s efforts to deceive the American people in his determined pursuit to open the nation’s borders. She warns about Rubio’s push to deliver globalist immigration policies.

Schlafly stressed that “no one could deliver more votes in both parties for open border immigration … Senator Rubio is not Main Street’s Obama, he is Wall Street’s Obama.”

The nation and world is in a mess and we have one chance to straighten things out. Trump is an unknown quantity in some respects, however, he is demonstrating verbally what many Americans want to see implemented in our government. Many voters who are not blinded or otherwise influenced by party loyalty find Trump to be a desirable alternative to the Republican office holders who are seeking the office of the Presidency of the United States.