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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 06:48 PM


First Published in 1994


The RNC and Establishment Republicans, with the aid of the liberal media, including FOX News are remaking Marco Rubio; the U. S. Senate’s Gang of Eight Amnesty bill author. Rubio is now the leader of the Demolition crew charged with the mission of destroying fellow candidate Daniel Trump by whatever means mendacious minds can devise.

Historian and former County Republican Party Chairman Mike Scruggs asks: “How does Marco Rubio get away with it? How in the world can he claim to be a conservative? How can the GOP establishment claim he is the new Reagan?”

“I am absolutely appalled at the distortions and deceptions that some of our dear Republican candidates will stoop to in order to win and equally appalled that prominent media personalities simply look on with partisan applause for terrible dishonesty. But a dishonest win is not going to be a win for the American people,” Scruggs concluded.

Rubio spent the week before the Super Tuesday Primaries calling Trump vile names and accusing him of hiring Illegal Aliens, having dealings with gangsters and making his money from gambling.

Rubio is the least credible individual to be making these allegations, since he is the co-author of the 2013 Schumer-Rubio Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill, that would have given amnesty and a path to citizenship to more then 10 million illegal aliens.

Rubio is considered by some observers to be an expendable weapon against Trump. He is not seeking another term in his senate seat and has only a slight chance of taking his home state of Florida in the primary Election.  Should Trump become president, Rubio will not likely get a government job.

One of the accusations Rubio has made against Trump has some basis in fact. Thirty-six years ago Trump hired a contractor to demolish an old building he owned in New York City. The Contractor hired 200 undocumented Polish workers to tear down the building. A Union later brought a suit against the sub-contractor and Trump. The case was in litigation for about a decade. The Union wanted a million dollars to settle the suit. A judge ruled in favor of the Union and Trump appealed and settled with the Union for $325,000.

It is also alleged that Trump may be planning to use some undocumented workers on his new hotel just a few blocks from the White House. No basis has been provided to back up this claim.

If Rubio is unable to take his home state of Florida, he may not be able to stay in the race. If Gov. Kasich does not want to take on Trump for the GOP elite, the contest would then be between Trump and Cruz. Although there has been heated competition between Trump and Senator Cruz, it is not likely that Cruz would willingly become the “lap-dog” for the party elite. The same could be said for Dr. Carson who could stay in the race to the bitter end.

Former Mass. Governor Romney attacked Trump last week alleging that there may be some income tax problems. that needs to be revealed. This to me indicates a back-up plan for a “brokered convention,” with Romney riding in on a white horse to save the party from Trump.

The “hate Trump” and his supporter’s wing of the GOP claim a Trump win will destroy the GOP.  Some of them threaten to vote for Hillary or leave the country. Some of the Trump supporters are convinced that the current Republican Party must be changed in order to save the republic. The “Super-Tuesday” outcome, not available at press time will provide a good indication of which way the GOP electorate is going, and whether “The Remaking of Marco Rubio” has produced the desired outcome for the Republican Party Elite.