The differences between the candidates for President have never been more clear. Hillary Clinton is defending the legacy of Barack Obama, attempting to avoid criminal charges, and also attempting to protect the Washington/Liberal political establishment that benefits both political parties and Wall Street money interests.

Donald Trump is appealing to the Americans who have been shut out of the political process in the past, because they have resisted becoming politically correct clinging to the Constitution of the United States and the teachings of the Holy Bible.
The Republican establishment is supporting Hillary because they can make a deal with her and the Wall Street Bankers. The leaders of both houses of Congress are not supporting Trump, which translates into support for Clinton. These establishment Republicans fear Trump because, if elected, Trump will destroy their crooked and corrupt activities. They do not want to risk that happening. On Sunday night during the debate, Hillary stated that Trump should never be allowed to be in control of law enforcement too which Trump replied: “Yes, you would be in jail.”

The Clinton political machine is now just a criminal enterprise. Between now and the November General Election, the Clinton organization can be expected to drop surprises on the path of the Trump campaign in order to distract his supporters. The purpose is to distract voters from the problems of Hillary and the problems and solutions offered by the Trump organization.

At stake is the long range future of the American Republic including sovereignty of the nation and freedom of the people.  

Appointments to the Supreme Court will determine the direction of gun control and religious liberty for the next several generations. Whether the borders are open or closed will determine the demographics of the country for years to come.
The impact of radical Muslims and communists in our nation will be determined by the outcome of the election.

Everyone tends to agree that this is the most important election in our lifetime. That is why it is essential that conservative Christians keep their “cool” and refuse to be distracted by either the media, Democrats or RINO Republicans who are defending the status quo.

Hillary Clinton and her minions are the embodiment of evil. There are no restraints on their actions from doing harm to their opponent.
Donald Trump has his own ethical and moral standards that are incompatible with the opposition.

The November 8, 2016 General Election is not a game. It is a referendum on the future of freedom for the United States of America. Anyone who thinks we can let this election drift by and sit it out, do so at great harm to the nation and their grandchildren.
Don’t be distracted by charges from the past. There are enough current events on which to base decisions.

Don’t be Distracted by Diversions.

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