As a legally qualified absentee voter, I voted last week. The choice was easy and did not take a lot of thought. Under no circumstances could I vote for Hillary Clinton, an anti-American, mendacious, career politician who has become wealthy using government power and government offices to reward friends, punish opponents and avoid prosecution for alleged crimes.

Hillary has promised to stack the Supreme Court and other federal courts with liberal judges that will destroy the republic and eliminate freedom for Americans. That alone should be enough to cause any thinking voter to vote for another candidate. She has sent a clear signal that she will operate the Justice Department as a criminal enterprise advocating for the Clinton Administration and persecuting their political opponents.

Hillary would probably be more of a military Hawk than Obama. She does not like to be challenged and she “loathes the military” and would have no qualms about sending them into battle for any petty reason to be killed to enhance her image.

Hillary is a dedicated gun control advocate, who would use whatever tools are available to achieve her goals of disarming law-abiding citizens. Hillary is not stupid and she knows that the founders wanted citizens to be armed to protect themselves from tyrannical government. Hillary sees that as a personal threat to her hold on power.

Hillary will continue to depress domestic energy production using regulations, including drilling, refining and pipeline expansion. She is indebted to Middle-East oil producers for large speaking fees and will do nothing to cut off purchases from them.

Hillary is on the public record favoring open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. The purpose is to increase the number of Democrat voters and families dependent on the government. If Clinton is elected, forget any move toward a wall or fence on the southern border.

Hillary will block all actions designed to block Obamacare or replace it. Like Obama, she is determined to work toward a single payer medical care program operated by the United States Government.

All of the promises Hillary is making to students, families, the elderly and others will result in large tax increases on the middle class.

Hillary is strongly opposed to freedom of religion. She claims to be a Methodist, however she is opposed to virtually all Biblical teachings.

Hillary favors criminals over law enforcement personnel and encourages violation of the nation’s laws by special voter blocks.

Christians and other Americans who are inclined to vote for Hillary Clinton for president need to think about what their vote will mean for their children and grandchildren and all future generations of Americans.

If a vote for Hillary Clinton is unacceptable, whom can you vote for? There is only one candidate who has a chance of winning.  A vote for any other candidate is essentially a vote for Clinton. Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party, chosen by their delegates in convention. He is a New York Business Executive with many rough edges. so was Gen. Patton. It will take a tough leader to clean up the corruption in Washington.

Trump represents the traditional platform of the Republican Party and grass roots Republicans who are tired of voting for people who claim to be conservative Republicans and change when they get to Washington.  The liberal (Northeast Wing) of the party doesn’t want Trump as their president and party leaders oppose Trump. The party leaders perceive that Trump will move RINO Republicans out of their powerful positions and replace them with either social or economic conservatives.

The Bush-Romney wing of the Republican Party prefer Clinton to Trump. They rationalize that if Trump loses to Clinton, they can blame the loss on Trump and his followers and retain control of the “me-too” party and blame the disaster Clinton creates in four years on Hillary and win the next election.

Their reasoning is faulty, selfish, greedy and actually stupid. I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. If Republicans fail to elect their candidate, they will know that at least I did my part to preserve their freedom. I voted!

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