Christians who have attempted to grow in the faith and study their Holy Bible know the prophetic signs of the approach of the “last days.” They have been warned of the slick appealing words of false prophets that are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are capable of deceiving “the very elect.” Few “born again” Christians would deny that there are indications that we are living in those last days before the return of our Lord, although no man knows the day or the hour.

In the meantime, we seek truth and wisdom and wisely offer others truth. There are those who will not hear, because they do not have discernment. These things are foolishness to them.

This writer has been blessed with exposure to numerous men and women who courageously speak truth dealing with matters where others fear to tread. That privilege provided a double blessing last Saturday during the Winter Banquet of Americans for Constitutional Government.

A Minister of the Gospel and a Physician were the primary guest speakers. The minister spoke of the tragic earthquake that has taken thousands of lives in Haiti. He noted that it is estimated that 50 percent of the population practice voodoo and human sacrifices. Was the earthquake an act of God in response to the great evil that continues to plague that beautiful island country and its poverty-stricken people, traditionally ruled by criminals? The response by the crowd of one hundred or more appeared to be unanimous. There are numerous historical and Biblical accounts recording the basis for their conclusion.  Politicians and media personalities tend to ridicule those who believe God judges nations as well as men.  That is a sign of the times.

The Physician spoke of the close relationship between the doctor and the minister of the Gospel “who pass in the night” when there is sickness and death.

“Revolutionaries are at the center of power in our nation,” said the Physician. “Our hope is not in party politics or the economics of capitalism or the free market system, as important as these things are.  Our hope and salvation is in the Lord,” he proclaimed.

“You are among those who know the dangers of departure from a just God. You know of the imminent tyranny when a balance of power inherent in our Constitution is weighted to judicial extremes for secular humanism and progressive anti-godism.

“You know the disturbing unrest of soul and mind when you see in the public discourse an utter rejection of the laws of nature and nature’s God.

“It is my desire today and privilege not to simply curse the darkness, but to light a candle. The Holy Scriptures in the account of origins records God’s first creative saying: ‘Let there be light!’”

He quoted Isaiah the prophet warning his countrymen against false religion apostasy and idolatry: “If they speak not according to this word, there is no light in them.”

He discussed some “very encouraging” recent experiences and concluded: “I want to admonish you and direct you to the effective involvement in this urgent and timely call to defend liberty.”

This godly pastor and equally godly young medical doctor have made the effort and sacrifices necessary to seek and find truth. At risk of recriminations from the enemies of truth, they are boldly proclaiming truth to all that will listen. May God continue to bless and protect them.

Untold numbers of Americans have risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to preserve our freedom. Many others have sacrificed in wars on foreign soil to preserve that freedom and liberty that comes only from a loving and just God. Now we are backed in a corner. We have come to the final battle to preserve freedom for future generations of Americans. Enemies of freedom are at our door. This battle is in our homes, churches, schools, hospitals, workplaces, communities and government agencies. This battle is ours to win or to lose. We cannot win it alone.

We must boldly proclaim the truth and resist evil with all our might, but when the battle is joined, our hope is in the Lord. To receive His blessings, we as individuals and a nation must repent of our sins and follow Him. For He alone is in control and will ultimately determine our destiny.

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