It’s election year. We have a radical in the White House, revolutionaries in control of the Congress and a large segment of the electorate is confused. That makes for a dangerous mixture for law-abiding citizens who don’t particularly care for excitement of the violent variety.

A large segment of my generation don’t even watch violent movies; we saw enough carnage in Korea and Vietnam to last a lifetime. We sympathize with the troops trying to fight a war when the civilian leaders are not interested in winning and don’t have the courage or the integrity to admit it. We detest a civilian population that is disinterested in national defense unless they have a son or brother whose life is on the line in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere.

With rare exceptions, the men and women in uniform take their oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” seriously. We on the home front should no longer allow our elected officials to betray their oath of office and continue in an office of public trust. It is predictable that the Obama administration will revert to the campaign mode and pretend once again to be conservatives interested in protecting the middle class.

On the eve of the President’s State of the Union Address, the rhetoric is being retooled to match the mood of an angry country in words but not in substance. The words on the teleprompter Wednesday night will be especially charming and clever.

There are some healthy signs on the horizon after the Massachusetts surprise and election of Senator Brown.

Our old friend J. D. Hayworth, of North Carolina State football fame, the former Congressman representing a district in Arizona for 12 years and ousted in 2008 by votes of illegal aliens and the help of ACORN, announced Friday that he is planning to challenge John McCain for his Senate Seat. J. D. has given up his conservative radio talk show to concentrate on the campaign. J. D. is knowledgeable and articulate. This race will be very interesting.

I had the privilege of spending some time with Joe Biden’s son Bo Biden when he was campaigning for his father in the Upstate a couple of years ago. Bo convinced me at the time that he was more intelligent, conservative and honest than his father, the current vice president. Bo is Attorney General of Delaware and is an Iraq War veteran. Bo is no fool. He has been encouraged and pressured by his father and powerful Democrats to run for the Senate seat his father has held since the Vietnam War days when he was elected as an anti-war candidate.  Since the Massachusetts surprise, Bo has announced that he is not interested in seeking the senate seat formerly occupied by his father.

No one was surprised when County Council Chairman Butch Kirven and Greenville’s Mayor Knox White endorsed Congressman Bob Inglis for reelection.

“Congressman Bob Inglis is helping lead the way in Upstate economic development,” White said.  “He has been very hands-on when working with the city and county,” he added.

“His leadership qualities separate him from the other candidates,” Kirven said, describing Fourth District Congressman Bob Inglis. “I think Bob is an ‘intelligent conservative… intensely interested in creating opportunities for businesses to flourish,” he added.

Inglis has four challengers in the Republican primary and may find himself in a tough runoff with one of them if he is not able to get a majority on the first ballot.

Six Greenville County School Board members are up for election this year. Voters have ignored school board elections to their detriment in recent years. The billion dollar debt created by the board’s “creative financing” schemes looms large on the horizon during the current depression.

Election year is here again!

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