Destroying Our Wounded

It is more than a little disturbing to observe the systematic dismantling and destruction of our constitutional republic and free enterprise system by the Obama Administration and Democrat dominated Congress, while the Democrat and Republican enemies of Mark Sanford are gloating in his marital tragedy to the detriment of his family and the well-being of the Palmetto State. At the same time, the dominant media and the uncaring voting masses appear oblivious to the impending dangers and are totally absorbed in the idol worship of a less than perfect, dead rock star.

Fearing loss of the support of independent voters and turncoat Republicans who were more than a little disappointed in President Bush and placed their “hope” in Obama promises, the Congress and White House are rushing ahead to implement their destructive plans to dismantle the economic engines of America to the point of no return before the citizenry awaken and realize they were deceived.

The Obama administration, after only six months in office now virtually controls the broadcast, banking and automobile industry. They have strengthened their strangle hold on the courts as well as state and local government agencies. The hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus have not produced any jobs and the only growth prospects in the months ahead are in the growth of government. They are working feverishly to take control of the medical and health care industry before the opposition can react. If they are able to put the health care, drug and insurance industry under the control of government bureaucrats, there will be no way to reverse the socialist trend even after the agents of “change” have been removed from office.

Those who care to see have already observed the evaporation of any hope of tax cuts and improved economic conditions that were promised during the campaign by Mr. Obama. We have also seen a preview of the dramatic loss of personal freedom that is on the horizon. In six short months, well-organized and highly motivated leftists have used the taxpayer’s funds from the US Treasury and the good credit of American small business and hard-working property owners to destroy what generations of American patriots have spent sweat, tears, limbs and lives fighting for and protecting. It is a tragedy of historic proportions that younger, naïve and idealistic Americans are oblivious to but many will live to regret. Unless they are part of the ruling class, they will never experience the freedom, standard of living and exhilarating feeling of accomplishment enjoyed by their parents and grandparents who inherited and preserved for a season the greatest country on earth.

By failing to protect our descendants from the propaganda of the enemies of our Creator and our Constitution, we have unwittingly allowed them to risk being sold into slavery. At this point, it appears that only an act of God can reverse the current national trend short of great sacrifice and possible bloodshed. That does not mean that we should sit on our hands and allow it to happen unopposed.

We in South Carolina need to pray for the Sanford family. While conservatives tend to abandon their wounded, we should not doubt the ability of an all powerful God to use fallen and redeemed men. The challenge is up to Governor Mark Sanford and the people of South Carolina. The results are in the hands of God. Those individuals who worked against him in the past will continue to do so. At some point he must decide whether continuation in office is beneficial or harmful to the healing of his family and in the best interest of the people of South Carolina.

While some of the voters for “change” at the national level are realizing they were deceived by their candidate, many others are occupied with entertainment, situation comedies, rock stars and other worldly pleasures. Others are placing their hope in the education lottery, other games of chance and promises of politicians. When they finally realize what is happening to them and their offspring, there may be violence in the streets or it may be too late.

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