Governor Induced Fear and Trembling

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska announced Friday that she would be stepping down as Governor at the end of July. She cited the influx of political troublemakers flooding into her state since she was asked to become the Republican vice Presidential candidate last fall. She noted that her family had incurred half a million dollars in legal bills fighting unfounded ethics complaints and some two million dollars that such unwarranted political attacks had cost the citizens of Alaska.

She and her family, including minor children, have been the recipients of the blunt of unprovoked attacks and ridicule by media personalities ranging from degenerate late-night sit-down comedians to network news anchors.

She explained that her departure at the end of July would allow for a smooth turnover of the office to the current Lieutenant Governor and provide her with the freedom and time to pursue a higher calling outside the constraints of government.

To rational thinking Americans, her resignation means that finally the Republican Party that has been leaderless and floundering under control of a warring coalition of Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) may finally have a proper leader.

The advancement of Gov. Palin from the governor’s office to private citizen, former governor and former Republican candidate for vice president frees her to become a legitimate leader of the Republican Party. She is definitely not a Colin Powell style Republican who is and has always been an opportunist Democrat, or even a Mike Huckabee who has found his niche as a television entertainer. Palin, according to all indications, is a genuine conservative Republican who supports the party platform and lives by the Republican Creed. She will not be afraid to challenge President Obama and the Democrats controlling Congress. She will be an advocate for drilling for oil, using nuclear energy to generate electricity, preserving our precious freedom, defending the Republic and honoring God.

This terrifies liberals in both parties. She is a woman with a family, a career, a mind of her own, and she achieved success using her own talents and ability without government assistance, and liberals fear that. They know she has the potential to pop their balloon and sink their leaky boat. She knows how to communicate with sensible Americans, and especially women. Liberals and RINOs know she has their number and they are very afraid. They immediately went on the attack using every excuse possible.

Some claimed to be her friend but criticized her decision as ill-advised. Others predicted that out of office she would be pursued by the Democrat lawyers and attack dogs in the media nevertheless.  Her worst enemies in politics and the media strongly insist that she will be less likely to be elected president if she is not a public officeholder.

Seems to me Sarah Palin’s political opponents are too worried about her welfare to be considered credible or believable.  It is more likely that she will succeed at whatever she undertakes and they will be disappointed, embarrassed and relegated to the trash bin of history.

Palin has already reportedly received a 7-figure advance on a book she is writing. It is likely that she will complete her book and go on a book-signing tour  around the country later in the year. She will draw overflow crowds wherever she goes. If she charges for speaking engagements, she will accumulate a great deal of money. If she does not, she will accumulate a great deal of good will. Regardless, the Republican Party and more especially the Republic need leadership, and Sarah Palin appears ready to accept that challenge.

We are living in a very dangerous world. Individuals drunk with power and a thirst for more and more power will do anything to retain their stranglehold on the American treasury and reigns of government. At the top of Governor Palin’s priorities needs to be a competent security detail. Greedy international criminal elements have a taste of power in this great republic and they will do anything to retain their foothold. Her family, like that of Ollie North in years past, needs to be especially vigilant and take no chances with their security.

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