Electing principled conservative Republican candidates to Congress and other public offices is a sound political strategy for taking our country back from radical leftists indoctrinated in Marxism and grounded in the Alinsky Method of Rules for Radicals who have deceived and organized an ignorant, brainwashed segment of our electorate.

Electing conservatives to Congress alone, however, will not be totally and permanently successful unless accompanied by the application of truth and biblical principles. The pursuit of truth must be a top priority in our search for lasting freedom even if it is painful for those on our side of the political spectrum.

In order to have credibility, we must return to the biblical principles applied by the Founders of our republic to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

At the same time, we must correct the truth of History and expose the myths and outright lies that have been used by enemies of freedom and justice through the years to pervert the History of our republic that has been the recipient of the blessings of God.

As a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles, we have been so greatly blessed through the generations that we have taken those blessings for granted and become lazy, complacent and tolerant of evil in many forms, assuming that the blessings of God will continue. We have failed to pass the truth of our heritage on to the succeeding generations, abandoning the education of our young to others who in many instances have a world view different from our own, and frequently an agenda of which we would not knowingly approve.

Truth and factual History have become casualties of our neglect, as we have pursued entertainment, pleasure and the approval of our peers while failing to ensure that the youth of our republic, including our own children and grandchildren, are equipped with truth and factual knowledge of who we are as free Americans, the source of our liberty and freedom and the price paid by our ancestors to preserve and maintain liberty and freedom through the generations that preceded us.

Words mean things and the enemies of our Constitution who seek power over their fellowman have learned to   manipulate words in the English language to deceive the American people and pervert our constitutional republic. There are numerous examples.

How often do we hear public officials referring to our form of government as a “democracy?” Our founders created a “republic,” not a “democracy.” A republic is a representative form of government. A democracy is mob rule by the majority without any concern for right, wrong or the rights of the minority. President Obama and the Democrats are ruling the nation as if it was a democracy and all that matters is that they are currently the majority and will rule as they please without constraints or consideration for the minority.

When the word “liberal” lost its appeal and respectability among the American people, liberals began calling themselves “progressives.” To those lacking acknowledge of American History, the word “progressive” sounds very positive, implying advancement or forward movement. From a historical prospective, progressive is a more accurate description of the folks that were previously referred to as liberals. The radical leftists abandoned the progressive label during the “Great Depression” era, but their philosophy and goals remained the same.

Preserving freedom in a cruel, evil world is not an easy task. If we are to preserve our freedom as a free people we must remain vigilant and resist evil regardless of the origin. Elected officials and members of the armed forces have taken an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” We have now become vulnerable to enemies from within. It was the Soviet Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev who banged his shoe on a table almost half a century ago and boasted: “We shall destroy you from within.” At that time it seemed virtually impossible that the United States would fall victim to enemies from within.

The time has come for patriots to take a stand to preserve freedom for future generations. Many are taking a stand through the Tea Party movement or through conservative efforts to regain control of the Republican Party. As we proceed, we must be ever mindful of the critical importance of truth and biblical principles to lasting freedom.

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