The Upcountry Tea Party seemed like a reunion for subscribers and readers of The Times Examiner. It was a distinct pleasure and honor to have dozens and dozens of readers come by The Times Examiner table and say hello at the Bi-Lo Center, Saturday. Many were friends we had not seen for a while and others were readers we had never met in person. Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for your kind remarks and support of this newspaper through the years. Your feedback has been a great encouragement. Publishing The Times Examiner has been a labor of love for the past 16 years. It is a unique publication with no equal anywhere. We believe it is an effective vehicle for informing the public of important issues.

While readership of daily newspapers has been declining throughout the country, we are experiencing an increase in subscriptions that has been unparalleled in recent years. We are also receiving more compliments on the publication than ever before. While advertising revenue has increased some, we continue to be in need of additional advertising revenue in order to maintain and improve the publication.

We have a few subscribers in 37 states and are convinced that the publication has been a factor in keeping a remnant of alert, dedicated patriots on the cutting edge.

Fewer young people read these days. That is something that needs to be corrected not just acknowledged. Citizens who do not read have no way of making sound decisions in the voting booth on Election Day. We can help by encouraging reading, giving copies of articles or entire issues to neighbors and relatives with a recommendation that they read it. We can give subscriptions as gifts on birthdays and other special occasions.

Tom DeWeese created interest in Sustainable Development when he spoke at the Saturday Tea Party and at the Marriott on Friday night. Readers of The Times Examiner were already aware of the problem; however, others will be looking for more information. The pages of this newspaper are a convenient place to find the answers. We hope that you will recommend it to your friends and neighbors as well as your relatives who may be interested in seeking truth.

The battle to preserve freedom in the United States is far from over. The enemies of the Constitution of the United States are moving rapidly to consolidate their power and control over every aspect of our lives. In order to achieve victory for our children and grandchildren, we must remain informed and vigilant. We must encourage and inform others who are not as fortunate and well-informed as we are because they have not sought truth.

Governments have always practiced deception in time of war, especially. This deception was usually aimed at the enemy. But deception has now become a routine strategy for government to use in dealing with American citizens. This is a serious matter and can only lead to tyranny and slavery.

To show our appreciation to readers, we provide free classified ads for personal items for paid subscribers. We encourage readers to take advantage of Letters to the Editor to express opinions. If the letter format does not provide sufficient space to express your opinion, we try to publish one or more guest columns each week.

There are only a few more days left to register to vote in the June primary election. Make certain you and your family and friends are registered to vote. If you moved to a different voting precinct you must register there before the deadline in order to be sure your ballot is counted.

We will make every effort to inform you on the candidates for election, especially in the contested races. Check out the candidates in person if you have time to do so. Voting is more important than ever and this will be one of the most important elections in our lifetime.

May God bless you and heal our land.

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