Alan Keyes has now committed to print what many Americans have feared in silence. Keyes, a former Ambassador to the United Nations, Republican Presidential Candidate, author and public speaker, predicts that if President Obama persists in unilaterally granting blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, it will signal that our constitutional republic is “on the verge of outright dictatorship.”

Recently, eight Republican senators warned that the Obama Administration is drafting a plan to “unilaterally” issue blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants as it attempts to force Congress in an election year to pass “comprehensive immigration legislation.” The plan is seen as a “last ditch” effort to prevent a Republican takeover of Congress in November as the American people sour on the blatant abuse of power by Democrats since January 2009. Adding tens of millions of illegal aliens to the voting rolls for the 2010 General Election would be sufficient to ensure the reelection of many incumbent Democrats, and boost the chances for a second Obama term in 2012.

Keyes recalls that throughout his political career, Obama has consistently declared his view that the Constitution’s purposeful constraint of government power is obsolete. He adds that since the outset of Obama’s occupation of the White House, “he and his faction have signaled their intent to circumvent, undermine or simply set aside the authority of the U. S. Constitution… I have repeatedly had occasion to remark upon the design for despotism that has been evident in their actions,” Keyes said.

“Not content merely to ignore the laws the legislature has properly and constitutionally made, Obama signals the intention to undertake unilateral executive action that alters the clear terms and intention of the established laws, entirely without the constitutionally determined consent of the people.

“This will be a blatant and presumptuous usurpation of legislative power. This is not just dereliction, it is lawless tyranny. It is outright Dictatorship,” Keyes concludes.

Looking to the immediate future, Keyes quotes Cicero’s observation that translated to English states: “under arms the laws fall silent.”

Continuing, Keyes notes that, “For some time now, executive dereliction has effectively silenced what U. S. immigration laws have to say about the status and treatment of those who take up residence in the United States in violation of their provisions. If the Obama faction implements the reported plan to impose amnesty by executive fiat, the illegal immigrants’ violation of the laws will in effect be defended and maintained by the executive forces of the U. S. government. Those forces will be arrayed against state law-enforcement agencies, such as those in Arizona, that continue to respect the provisions of established law.

“Under the cloak of compassion for hapless illegals, the Obama faction seeks to establish the practical basis for ruthlessly imposing its will upon us all,” warns Keyes. “Once this has been achieved, the threat of silencing some existing laws will be used to intimidate hapless legislators into making whatever new laws are dictated to them by the whims and purposes of America’s new iteration of the age-old regime of tyranny.”

This potential confrontation would create a dangerous situation for the American people and could lead to armed conflict and anarchy or worse. Keyes describes the current situation as “the commencement of the last stage in their consolidation of socialist dictatorship.”

In his short but important article dated June 25, 2010, Alan Keyes urges that: “While they still have the opportunity to do so, the people who oppose this surrender of American sovereignty and liberty must raise a hue and cry like none the nation has seen before. By all reasonable and peaceful means they must communicate and confirm their determination to remove from the seats of legislative power every vestige of the party that thus sponsors the rise of an American dictator.”

Then we must fervently pray to God who is the author of freedom and justice that the schemes of desperate tyrants will fail.

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