The “Restoring Honor Rally” held in Washington, D.C., Saturday, August 28, was an event that elected official will ignore at their own peril. Many Americans have mixed opinions regarding Glenn Beck. Regardless, the event on Saturday would not have taken place without his leadership, motivation, patriotism, hard work, the use of his media platform and the expenditure of a lot of his personal funds.

Some 500,000 people attended the event in person and it was broadcast in its entirety by C-SPAN live and at least twice afterwards.

Al Sharpton arranged an opposing rally and march and his event and comments were given equal or better coverage by the national media. Sharpton accused Beck of trying to hijack MLKs legacy. Sharpton had the negative talk, but Beck had Dr. Alveda King, MLKs niece taking a major role in the rally.

Raising funds to educate the 571 children of Special Operations Warriors who gave their lives for their country was a noble cause in itself. Most Americans had never heard of the Special Operations Warriors Foundation.

Beck introduced Sarah Palin, not as the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate. She was introduced as the “mother of a soldier.” She followed through with the theme stating: “I raised a combat veteran and they can’t take that away from me.”

Beck created a Medal of Merit based on an original presented by President George Washington and later modified to become the “Purple Heart.” Three individuals were selected to receive the Medal of Merit. They were chosen as examples of Faith, Hope and Charity. Beck allowed others to make the presentations.

Glenn Beck made several references to the Black Robed Regiment that played a key role in the founding of the Republic and freedom from tyranny by the British Crown.

The theme of the program was New Testament Christian, but the participants were ecumenical and multiracial. Tribute was paid to Martin Luther King and King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, was a leading participant in the program that took place on the anniversary of King’s often repeated address from the Lincoln Memorial.

The grand finale featured 240 leaders of different denominations and religions. Beck, who is affiliated with the Mormon Church and acknowledges openly that many people think Mormons are not Christians, acknowledged that the 240 religious leaders don’t agree on everything, but “they all agree that ‘God is the Answer’ to the problems America faces today. America is at a crossroads and we must decide where we go from here.”

Glenn Beck is a mortal, human person. He is not perfect and does not claim to be so. When he came to the realization that he was ignorant of history, government and the Bible, he went to work to seek the truth. He has read a lot of books and received a lot of information and advice from others. In some areas of history, he may have been given bad advice or read the wrong books, But he continues to seek the truth and divine guidance. That is all any of us can do – and sadly, many of our fellow Americans do not even do that.

It was fitting that Dave Roever, a severely disfigured Vietnam combat veteran who had a white phosphorus grenade explode in his face, deliver the closing prayer and benediction at the Restoring Honor Rally. Dave Roever’s life story is one of faithfulness and love of God in the face of unbearable adversity. His ministry is ever mindful of the plight of Vietnam Veterans. It is now public knowledge that more veterans of the Vietnam War have died from suicide than were killed in combat during the war.

Roever included in his prayer the thousands of Vietnam Vets here today “who were never welcomed home.”

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