Since the day he was elected, President Barack Hussein Obama has been living “high on the hog” and spending money as if there were no tomorrow while the economy is shrinking and unemployment continues to rise. He has traveled more than any president in history and spares no expense in indulging himself and his leftist friends in the lap of luxury.

Ignoring the fact that the national treasury is empty and the country is operating on money borrowed from Communist China and other foreign countries, President Obama, his entire family and who knows who else are soon heading for a costly three day visit to India. The cost will be the greatest ever for a trip by a President of the United States. No one has yet attempted to place a dollar figure on the cost of the trip to the American taxpayers.

The president and his traveling party is leaving the country shortly after the General Election that is expected to strip Democrats of control of the U. S House of Representatives and severely weaken the power of his presidency to carry out his socialist agenda.

He is also leaving at a time when attempted terrorist attacks on the United States and our allies have intensified across the globe.

Obama is clearly the most wasteful, extravagant and reckless president the Republic has ever had.

From what we now know, the trip will involve 40 airplanes including Air Force One, six heavily armored cars, three Marine One helicopters, an unknown number of seagoing vessels to provide security for the Taj Mahal Hotel on the waterfront and thirty sniffer dogs to sniff for explosives. Security personnel will number in the hundreds.

The six armored cars include a black Cadillac dubbed the “Barack Mobile” with its own built-in communications center and nuclear weapons launch codes. The Barack Mobile is equipped with the latest technology to withstand a chemical, biological or bomb attack.

The secret service will set up two command posts and communication centers in Delhi and Mumbai.

The presidential party has booked the entire Taj Mahal Hotel that was attacked by terrorists last year.

Former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo, a candidate for Governor of Colorado on the Constitution Party ticket, stated recently that President Obama is a “bigger threat to the United States than Al Qaeda or terrorism.” Tancredo, who frequently campaigns on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, made the comment during a campaign stop in Cannon City last Tuesday. He describes his Democrat opponent John Hickenlooper as Obama’s “kindred spirit.” Tancredo entered the race because he believed the Democrat would defeat the Republican candidate in the General Election.

As a candidate for president two years ago, Tancredo’s primary interest was illegal aliens and the open border between the United States and Mexico. Many observers state that the election this year is a referendum on the failures of the Obama administration and the incompetent way the administration has handled the nation’s economy during the past two years.

Tancredo supports the Arizona approach to dealing with the illegal immigration problem.


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