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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 03:16 AM


First Published in 1994


Evolutionists talk a lot about evidence, but they really do not mean an objective look at the evidence. More often than not wherever evolutionists talk about evidence they talk about what has already been accepted as such by the evolutionary community. This includes not just the actual physical evidence, but it also involves confusing evidence for the interpretation of evidence.

One important aspect when it comes to how evolutionists tend to see evidence is the tendency to have a built-in filter that blocks anything that is inconsistent with evolution. In many cases, I have been told by evolutionists that something does not qualify as evidence unless it has been Peer-reviewed by a reputable journal. The main requirement to qualify as a reputable journal in the eyes of evolutionists is that it has to support the entire Big Bang to man evolutionary mythology. In other words, they are effectively defining evidence in terms of approval by supporters of evolutionary theory and then claiming that all of the evidence supports evolutionary theory.

Part of the problem is that most evolutionists seem to confuse evidence with how it is being interpreted. In other words, in their mindset, if a given piece of data is interpreted by other evolutionists as evidence in support of universal common descent that is what it is, and not accepting that interpretation is equated to denying the evidence itself. The irony is that while accusing creationists of denying evidence they frequently summarily deny any evidence creationists present to them because it is not from an acceptable source.

Ultimately while they claim that all the evidence supports the Big Bang to Man story, they are defining evidence based on whether or not it fits the Big Bang to Man story. Furthermore, they confuse the way evidence is interpreted with the evidence itself such that they consider not accepting a given interpretation a denial of the actual evidence. This, along with a devotion to absolute naturalism, puts most evolutionists, particularly atheists, in a position where they cannot see any other perspectives as legitimate.


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