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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 03:39 PM


First Published in 1994


After Dem-RINO policies impoverish Americans and bankrupt America. After Putin wins the US-Russia proxy war in Ukraine. After America is invaded and swamped through a treasonously opened border. After NATO falls. After the United States BREAKS UP, from deep social and regional ideological division and from total political and governmental corruption at the 'federal' level. What then?

Among these dis-united States, new borders will be formed and drawn, new constitutions will be written and ratified, and new alliances with foreign powers, including neighboring States, will be made.

In blue-state areas, the larger cities -- swamped with illegals, and being themselves liberal-blue and tax-consuming by race and moral inclination -- will devolve into Trumpian s---holes of poverty and violent crime. In contrast, cities in red-state areas -- having forcibly shed inherited illegals, and consisting largely of working populations accustomed to paying taxes -- will survive and improve, due to more conservative control at the local, state and national levels. While communistic blue areas finish purging American heritage within their borders, statues and memorials to white-Western-Confederate heroes will be lovingly resurrected in the more Christian and freedom-loving red areas.

Blue fragments from the sin-made and sin-shattered 'one and indivisible' Yankee Empire will pursue impoverishing and centralizing Sodomite-leftist policies. They will seek alliance and then assimilation with each other, and eventual absorption into pre-existing left-leaning neighbors like Mexico and Canada. In contrast, red fragments will pursue freer economies, social stability, and moral sanity, and value political decentralization. They will enter political unions with care and circumspection, and only with expressly stated guarantees of independency, including the right of secession. Soon, very soon, THIS will be America, if usurper Biden and company don't get us all nuked in the interim.