The truth about homosexuality -- as being, at bottom, murderous personal confusion and lostness -- is now out of the closet. The "progressive" sodomite philosophy has spread like a deadening cancer across America and the West. Open homosexuals now live all among us, and hold positions of power and influence. In the name of love, and from cowardly fear of man, we have foolishly accepted filthy, butt-screwing depravity among our own kith and kin. So what was once, decades ago, a relatively quiet and peaceful appeal for tolerance and acceptance on the social periphery has now morphed, by inevitable and Biblically foreseen stages, into full-blown anti-Christian homo-tyranny and murder reminiscent of Lot's flight from Sodom.

The battle-cry of the various alphabet (LGBTQ ...) sexual deviants and perverts and their "straight" liberal-"progressive" fellow travelers is now, clearly, "Kill the homophobes! Kill the (real and Biblical) Christians!" Fittingly, a sexually confused Nashville "trans man" - a biological woman - recently penned a manifesto, a la Marx and Engels, prior to gunning down six folk at a Christian school, including three nine year-olds, two teachers and the principal. Hearing sodomy defended all around in our woke culture and by our "federal" government, she must have felt morally justified in murdering her wicked Christian oppressors.

In America, as elsewhere, we will see more of murderous sodomy, unless we stand up in the public square and face it down. Most of all, we need repentance across this land and forcible regime change in Washington, to expel Usurper Joe (an incestuous pedophile) and the traitorous, fag-infected Deep State.

We must do this now, as nuclear annihilation threatens, because the underlying maxim - the fundamental driving force -- behind all liberal-neocon globalist foreign policy is the sinful, obsessive, mentally-ill compulsion to spread - to the very ends of the earth - the body-and-soul-destroying homosexual agenda.

The abominable sin that is homosexuality must be shunned and outlawed by Americans once and for all.

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