The family courts need improvement. As you know everyone has an excuse of what caused them to get behind on child support payments.

There needs to be a worksheet for parents who are behind on child support payments. God gave me this idea. Please tell the director of the child support office to move forward with this idea for all family courts statewide.

This will reduce stress for the parents.

A worksheet for parents who fall behind on payments should become state law, the family courts need to be flexable and putting parents in jail is not the solution but a fair, flexable repayment plan is the solution.

Worksheet for Family Court for Parents Who Are Behind on Child Support Payments:

1. Please explain in your own words what caused you to get behind on child support payments?

2. Please provide all paperwork from your doctor, hospital, place of employment, etc.

3. Please explain how you plan to repay the funds that you are behind on.

NOTE! this worksheet should be mailed and delivered with a subpoena to court.

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