In 1860 these were the last words Senator Jefferson Davis told the congress of the United States when he gave his parting address as he referred to letting the South secede from a voluntary union of states. Alas, President Abe Lincoln would not let the 13 southern states secede in peace; because of loss of power and money the U.S. could not afford to let the south go. These are people and states Abe had control over and as an attorney and recently elected president of the Union, he invaded the South and slaughtered thousands of people for power and money.

After 4 long years of war and the loss of over 630,000 American lives, the union won the war and under threats of death or imprisonment made his captors take a pledge to support the Union States of America. But the bloody war wasn't enough to satisfy his greed, so for 12 long years President Lincoln disenfranchised the white male voters and held the South and its people hostage to indoctrinate them into the northern way of thinking and life. Does this sound like freedom from a dictator and all-controlling government?

After his soldiers and officers stole all the valuables from the South and killed the farm animals, abused the southern women and poisoned the wells in an attempt to destroy the southern people, the northern historians labeled Old Abe a liberator and savior of the nation. They martyred President Lincoln and built monuments of his likeness and portrayed him as their savior. In reality, his vicious actions during the war can be compared to Hitler and Lenin, thus making him a war criminal.

Freedom for the South and its people was never achieved as we continue to live under a domineering and all-controlling federal government, whose power over the people increases daily.

How do Southerners celebrate the 4* of July, as a day of freedom or a day of remaining subjects under an all-controlling federal government?


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