We have no Constitution! Let me repeat that: WE HAVE NO CONSTITUTION. And, we have NO Rule of Law. There are no formal checks and balances. There IS NO Justice. There is only POWER! And arrogance. And, the Big Lie! And totally uninhibited special interests, bureaucrats, representatives, legislators, school boards, County Councils, planners, Advisors, and, yes, Presidents.

The Dollar is worthless, except for the fact that countries all around the globe have so many in their accounts that they all (have to) participate in the illusion of value lest it implode!

They war, war, war without declaring war, nor financing same. They pass treaties and call them laws, to create jobs, and few own up to the fact that NAFTA, et al (being neither free nor fair trade), has cost millions of our jobs and incredible debt.

They pass 1200 page legislation that no one has read, and think nothing of it.

They take over and bailout industries with the whim of (Russian) Czars. So much for free enterprise.

They harass home-schoolers, and pro-lifers, and creationists, and Joe the Plumber for daring to question the President.

The culture of our fathers is gone. Private property is not safe; those with guns are terrorists. They invade rights of privacy, they deny habeas corpus. We need pay our taxes, while they spend said taxes on every conceivable unconstitutional boondoggle imaginable.

What we still have is our spirit, our will, our heart, and what is right! It is time to get in the face of that lying politician, that lying bureaucrat. If not now, when?

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