Strategy for Destroying Free Enterprise through Orchestrated Crisis (First in a Series)

Have you ever heard of the “Cloward-Piven Strategy”? Most Americans not committed to   destroying the free enterprise system in our constitutional republic in order to “redistribute wealth” had never heard of it until recently. Now we are learning that the Cloward-Piven Strategy is the Obama Administration strategy for “change.”

More and more people are finally waking-up to the fact that the man who was elected president of the United States last fall has not kept his promises of reducing taxes and providing and saving jobs. In fact, the results of the first six months of his administration have produced the opposite of what was promised.

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Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism

U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint and Winn Freeman. ~ Photo by Bob DillU. S. Senator Jim DeMint Autographed a large number of books at Crossway Christian Supply in Greenville, Saturday.

DeMint is one of the few Republican Senators who has the courage and self-confidence to take a public stand in favor of preserving the freedom generations of Americans have fought and died to earn and preserve.

At a time when many Americans are discouraged and seeing little hope for future generations, Sen. DeMint is providing a new Declaration of Independence and calling on the American People to reclaim America.

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Subject to be ‘Hope in Time of Despair’

Dr. David Woodard ~ Photo by Thomas C. HansonDr. David Woodard will be the guest speaker at the Greenville County Republican Women’s luncheon at the Poinsett Club, Thursday, July 23rd at Noon.

Dr. Woodard will be speaking on the timely topic: “Hope in the Time of Despair”

Dr. Woodard holds the Strom Thurmond Chair of Government at Clemson University, where he has taught political science since 1983. He is the author or co-author of several books, including The Conservative Tradition in America (2003), The New Southern Politics (2006), and The America That Reagan Built (2006), His latest book is Why We Whisper: Losing Our Right to Say it’s Wrong, published in 2008. He co-authored this book with Sen. Jim DeMint. He currently is completing a book titled, The Rise of Morality Politics in the United States, to be published by University of Toronto Press.

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Spartanburg Solicitor has Record, Name Recognition

Harold W. “Trey” Gowdy. ~ Photo by Bob Dill

The Fourth Congressional District candidacy of Republican Harold W. “Trey” Gowdy got a boost, at least in Greenville County, from the withdrawal from the race and strong endorsement by Andrew Smart. Smart was one of four individuals who had announced their intentions of challenging incumbent Congressman Bob Inglis in the 2010 Fourth Congressional District Republican Primary prior to the entry of Gowdy. The remaining announced Republican challengers are Mauldin business owner Jim Lee, Spartanburg professor Christine Jeffrey and State Senator David Thomas who represents senate District 8 in Greenville County. Attorney and former Greenville County Republican Party Chairman Stephen Brown, who considered entering the race, will likely stand down now that Gowdy has tossed his hat in the race.

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White Requests Resolution Protecting  Religious Freedom

Robert G. “Butch” Taylor defined “conservative” for members of the Greenville County Legislative Delegation during their

meeting in Greenville, Monday evening. Taylor is president of the Greenville County Taxpayers Association, an active advocate for good government and an outspoken critic of unconstitutional legislation and corrupt government officials.

While many elected officials in South Carolina describe themselves as “conservative,” some would not measure up to the definition and tests described by Butch Taylor and shared by many informed voters. Recent disturbing events are expected to cause voters to more closely examine the voting records, morals and ethics of candidates for public office prior to future elections.

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This spectacular night photo was taken behind the civil war field artillery weapon as the cannon ball is released. ~ Photo by Hope Kateman.

Members of the Hunley Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, attended a wonderful 4th of July celebration at Heritage Park in Simpsonville. Heritage Park has a beautiful, grassy outdoor amphitheater, complete with a high-tech stage. On stage the Greenville Symphony put on a first-class concert of patriotic music for all to enjoy and the highlight was the 1812 Overture—of course! Near the end of the Overture cannons are called for and, indeed, cannons were supplied! Thirteen guns of varying sizes were present to provide the thunderous accompaniment right on cue.

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The front of the marker about Thaddeus Lowe's balloon landing. ~ Photo Courtesy of Holly SheenOn June 25 my husband, Ray Sheen, gave a presentation to the 16th South Carolina Volunteers, SCV Camp 36, entitled Aeronautics During the War for Southern Independence. Ray cataloged the progress of ballooning as a military technology during the war era.

One of the most famous balloonists prior to the war was Thaddeus Lowe who had done a number of experiments with balloons. Lowe had a theory that there was a strong prevailing east wind at higher altitudes above the ground-level westerly currents. He decided to try his theory out by riding his balloon from Cincinnati, Ohio, to wherever the balloon might take him. He left Cincinnati at 3:30 a.m. one morning and landed at Pea Ridge, South Carolina, only 9 hours later!

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