We are but 3 days from the most critical election of my lifetime. I am not a prophet and cannot tell you how the election will go. But I am prophet enough to tell you that if the Democrats take control of either House America is in serious trouble. If they take control of both Houses THE LAND OF THE FREE WILL CEASE TO EXIST as we have known it.

Regardless of what anyone may tell you, the war being waged here is a war between good and evil, not a war between Democrats and Republicans. It isn’t even a war between political parties.  The pity is that most Christian Pastors in this land are not informing their congregations of the seriousness of the choices facing them. The Pastors have been trained to avoid politics and thus avoid becoming watchmen on the walls.

I pray that every person calling himself/herself a Christian will not fall for the lies being told, will seek what is right and will vote accordingly to conscience rather than to preference. It took us a couple of hundred years to remove God from educational institutions, most of which were created to promote godly teaching, but we finally managed.  And we are paying the price. Whatever we vote, we will get the government we deserve.

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Mike Scruggs