The news following the election of November 6, 2013 has been forcefully illustrating the fact that America is a nation under judgment. Many people have been trying to warn us that judgment would be soon-coming unless our nation returned to one honoring God’s instructions for His Client Nations. I suspect most readers of these words will not be familiar with the term “Client Nation” since it is not a term commonly used by Pastors or other members of most churches. My understanding; it is a term describing a nation God has selected to use to further the spread of His gospel. Ancient Israel would be the first Client Nation.

A review of Israel’s history might give us a pretty good idea of what might befall a Client Nation that ceases to function as God desires it to function. God does not withdraw His blessings without warning, but when warnings do not achieve results God will withdraw His blessings and prosperity will cease to prevail. The nation might even cease to exist, as happened to Israel twice. But Israel has been reborn the third time, as God’s word, written over two thousand years ago, prophesied. The fact that Israel is alive again and prospering should be evidence enough for any reasoning people to question their disbelief in Holy Scripture. And it has become more and more obvious that America, as a nation, no longer relies on Biblical teaching, but is striving to remove all traits of Christianity from its governmental and social postures. The hate being directed at our current President and his agenda is a reflection of this. We continue it at our peril, but we will continue it.

I personally think much of our problem must be laid at the feet of Christians and their leadership. A great number of our churches have compromised their beliefs to the point that they have become followers rather than leaders of the social culture. It’s difficult to pick a turning point for this, but I think a post WW2 growth of our prosperity and our technology played major roles. Prior to the nineteen sixties we maintained our belief system pretty well. There were perhaps a few compromises here-and-there that we failed to question, but we did okay. I believe our big slide began in the sixties and accelerated to the point of our acceptance of homosexual marriage. We are now on a par with Sodom and Gomorra, and it seems over half our population just accepts it, along with roughly 100% of our governing officials. Most of the Pastors I know will not protest. They might say “this is wrong” but they will not advocate resistance. Where are the watchmen on the wall?

We have a President who is trying to make America great again, but his efforts are aimed at the financial, the safety and the legal aspects. There is a little of the spiritual slipping through, but not nearly enough. Maybe he fears that the population is too far removed from the spiritual to appreciate it and would therefore be unresponsive to a call for a return to it. That could very well be true. From the way the voters cast their ballots I suspect it is.

Our Editor’s recent article “Struggle Between Good and Evil” was right on the money. I just wish the Times Examiner had nation-wide distribution. In my book it is by far the best paper for the truth in America. And that is not because it occasionally publishes something I have written. I think it is my great good fortune to have become acquainted with this Christian brother who publishes this paper.

But where do we go from here? Christians need to spread the gospel to friends and foes. When this train crashes non-Christians are going to be in real trouble. True Christians know where they will end-up. We can’t know how we might get there, but as Paul said, and I paraphrase, “if I leave this world I’ll be with my Lord, a better place than where I am.” Non-Christians do not have this hope. Most of them have fallen for the lies they are being fed everywhere they turn on this old world. If they can come to know the Lord they will recognize the lies for what they are, Satan’s deceptions. Our job is to place our trust in the Lord and follow His lead, for “we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Today we have stock markets working great, anyone wanting a job can find one, manufacturing has returned and taxes have been cut, so what is this judgment we are under? Only a Prophet from God might be able to tell us, as Prophets revealed the judgments facing Israel to them. Maybe the dollar will lose its rank as major currency, maybe a world-wide market crash will occur, maybe the national power grid will fail. There are hundreds of such catastrophes that might prevail. We are already seeing a nation divided into many segments warring among themselves. Hate is rampant across the country. Mass killings are frequent occurrences. Some people are saying the words “civil war”.  God gave us a President who is a true leader, but we just voted to restrict his leadership. I fear that might be the final opportunity He provides. God seems to have a way of stepping aside, allowing opponents destroy themselves.

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Mike Scruggs