It seems there are hundreds and hundreds of books being written these days about how America is being taken over by big government and “we the people” are being ignored or becoming inconsequential, and apparently our youngest generations have been educated to think that “big government” is the way to go. Yesterday I saw a young man being interviewed on the Tucker Carlson show; from his responses I consider him a far-left liberal / progressive. It was obvious he has no understanding of the true nature of government, especially socialism. Nor did he appear to know the history of the nation in which he lives or the effect of open borders on the economy of a nation. I fear he is a living representative of the youth we have created. His attitude was one similar to my own at his age: I knew everything and my approach was always right. The main difference; my education was real history, good economics and a full understanding of socialism and its history. I was sometimes wrong, but my errors were not dangerous to my country.

I suspect most of you have heard of Hillsdale College; perhaps the only college in the nation that refuses to accept payments from the federal government in order to avoid federal control over its teaching. Even GI payments for veterans are not accepted. Hillsdale is providing computerized free teaching on our Constitution and other government issues in an attempt to educate the uneducated, while most of what I hear about other colleges and universities is that attending conservatives need retraining by their progressive professors. Conservative viewpoints are frowned upon and may lead to lower grades. Students seem to have been so impressed by these professors that they riot to prevent having to listen to conservative speakers. We must no longer listen to viewpoints that disagree with our own. And that’s education?! Used to be just the opposite.

Our free-press (?) news media keeps telling us that going back to an old outdated Constitution is not being progressive (in the original sense of the word), and we need to keep moving forward.  That is like telling me when I find a roadblock on the highway I should plow right through it and keep going over the cliff. It’s a shame, but it seems most of our media has been bought out by some progressive or global interests and is no longer presenting all sides of the story.

I know those books mentioned above are being written to hopefully influence the sleeping sheep within the flock, but I fear they will be ignored by those who need them most, read and discussed by those already awake and aware. Wish it were not so, but that is generally how it goes. Perhaps if each one of us would read and pass on to one who should read we could wake a few more sleepers and create a few more conservative voters. The 2020 election needs all the conservative and Christian voters we can get. Not just for President Trump, but for non-democratic Representatives and Senators. We need a Congress that will work with Trump to get some decent legislation accomplished.

My wife and I have been discussing some of the issues facing those of us who still love our country and wish to preserve it as we have known it: “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”… some might say “The Land of the Free because of the Brave.” We are patriots, but we must be Christians first, and we see a nation that is losing (maybe lost) its Christian heritage. Long ago we were told that America is great because America is good, that if America ever lost its goodness it would lose its greatness. For our first two hundred years we pushed hard to hold our goodness, our Christianity was a vital issue for we-the-people. Then, slowly but surely a subtle movement came along and began convincing us to give a little here and a little there until God was removed from first one thing then another. Today you can ask some college student who Jesus is and he or she might say “Jesus who?”

If we really want to make America great again, perhaps we should work first to make America good again by being sure everyone knows who Jesus is, again.

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Mike Scruggs