The more I see, the more I hear, the more certain I am that we who were born into the Greatest Generation have failed to pass on the elements of culture that created that generation and made it the Greatest. We refer to this current generation as the millennials. Do we know what that term means? It seems to me they think they are people replacing the past millennium and it is their duty to tell us how we are to live the next millennium. Their big problem is, in attempting to show us how smart they are, they are revealing their stupidity and their total lack of common sense. It seems that Washington might be spreading that disease; I’ve noticed a lot of smart people who go there seem to lose their common sense pretty quick.

I enjoyed reading our publisher’s September 9th editorial in which he was telling us how his pastor addressed the way our culture is heading. I just wish more pastors across the country were also addressing these issues. And the September 9 article by Alex Newman on Global Alliance of Religions should be read by every Christian pastor around the world. Of course it wouldn’t produce action from many of them; reminds me of a sermon I heard preached several years ago during which the pastor, referring to Christians as well as others, said “they believe the lie.” He was referring to the lies we are hearing every minute of every day that are being spewed out into our homes over the TV and radio, and now computers, some of them even coming out of the mouths of so-called Christian pastors. They tell us that sin is not sin and that there are many ways to go to heaven, and many gods to help us get there. Many of the movies we watch or the books we read no longer show Christianity as a positive, but often as a negative; after all it professes to be the only way to salvation, and that is totally intolerable.

Last evening I was listening to a college professor being interviewed on the television. He has been investigating the way that our use of computer search programs, such as Google, on the web can be used to influence the way we think about certain things…such as voting…to the point of even changing our decision on which candidate to vote for. The algorithms could be set in such a manner that the system would favor a particular response and you, the receiver, would be totally unaware that such was happening. Tests he has run show that voting change could run into the millions and there would be no way of proving the changes were made, and those who changed their vote would have no clue they had been manipulated. Technology continues to grow; some of you elder citizens might remember the days when TV ads were suspected of containing imperceptible elements that were perceived by the viewers’ subconscious and which influenced his responses. This professor’s experiments have proven beyond any doubt that what is happening is a thousand times more effective, and dangerous, than those remote TV efforts might have been.

Watching the Democratic political contenders and listening or reading the major media will convince anyone that the Left’s “Trump Hate” is controlling most of the media, and most of the so-called elitist input, into our political arena. This coming election is not a contest between two political parties. It is, as our publisher said, a contest between good and evil: it is a contest between one man and his followers and the Devil’s desire to create his one-world government, which he has been working to build since Nimrod’s failure at the tower of babel when God confused the languages. These days we are again, in essence, speaking one language…one might call it computerese.

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Mike Scruggs