I hope the above title will catch your interest sufficiently to have you read the opening paragraph at least. Doing a little research and checking an on-line textbook of U. S. History, I found very little about the Father of Our Country, George Washington. Using this textbook you might find out where he was and what he was doing at certain times but you would learn nothing about the man himself.

You could essentially come away thinking he was just one of those white-men slave holders whose sole interest in building a new nation was whatever profit he could gain; the story we have been hearing for some time from our “authoritative” sources in Washington and their cohorts in major media positions.  My question for you is: what do you believe about the founding of our country and the quality of the information being fed to you from our elected officials and their swamp buddies?

I am the proud owner of a book titled “The Rebirth of America”.  It is a paper-back about 8”x10” and about a half inch thick, published by The Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation in January 1986. Section one is titled “America Yesterday: A Nation Established”, section two, “America Today: A Nation Adrift”, section three, “America Tomorrow: A Nation Reborn”. We are far from reaching section three… and tomorrow was 30 years ago. I considered the book a warning shot across the bow when I purchased it, and it wasn’t the first; a few other individuals, such as Jerry Falwell, Peter Marshall, Russell Clearman, John W. Whitehead, Senator Jesse Helms, Erwin Lutzer and many others had tried to wake the sleeping sheep. The Presidential election in 2016 revealed that some of them may be waking up.

I mentioned George Washington in paragraph one and spoke of the little coverage our current textbooks give him. For any reader who has no true knowledge about the man Washington, I offer the title of a book by Eric Metaxas: “7 Men and the secret of their greatness”. George Washington is the first of the seven, it is an abbreviated biography of about 30 pages. It enlightened me and has given me an even greater respect for the Father of our country. There are quite a few tales about George, some of which are exaggerations, most biographies of heroes or heroines contain such exaggerations. But reading this brief biography I learned that he was roughly six feet three inches tall and strongly built, nothing like one may picture from his portrait on the dollar bill. He was an imposing figure in any crowd and a strong leader, loved by the soldiers he led. His integrity was unquestionable, can you think of another man who would turn down a kingship to return to farming his homeplace? The more one learns about our first President the more obvious he understands that Washington loved his country more than he loved himself. That’s far more than I can say about most of our elected officials. But I do say it about our current President… I can think of no other man who would walk away from a billionaire’s lifestyle to put up with what he has put up with from the news media and political opponents in Congress and elsewhere to pursue this heroic effort to salvage our nation that others would like to keep adrift.

There is another question I wish you to ask yourself: do you believe in TRUTH? Are there some things that are absolutely true regardless of consequences? Do you believe Jesus spoke the truth when he said “I am the way and the truth and the life”?  I would like to offer you a quote from www.steelonsteel.com on 10/5/2019:

“The traditional Western worldview is battling with the new socialist worldview and somehow truth is lost in the chaos. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the importance of truth over narrative. Those who say America is a horrible place willfully ignore the much worse conditions in other countries. Antifa claims to have tolerance but exhibits none of it. Always look at what is real, what is actually happening; not what others tell you is true to further their narrative.”

The “John” mentioned is John Loffler who has been offering his insight for our consideration for more than twenty years. Most of the time he’s right on the money, as the saying goes. We are getting a lot of fiction being served as truth.

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Mike Scruggs