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Sunday, May 19, 2024 - 09:39 PM


First Published in 1994


The United States of America is existing in a culture of lies. The Clinton political dynasty and the Obama Administration have proven that if you are good at lying and have the ability to punish those who challenge your lies, you can become a successful candidate for President of the United States. If elected you can use the full power of the United States Government to punish your real or potential adversaries. This is called tyranny.

The United States is on the verge of sanctioning a tyrannical government and many citizens have no idea that it is happening. In fact there are those who argue that we already have a tyrannical government and others who adamantly disagree. Sadly, the masses have no clue and some have no interest in being informed. 

The Obama Justice Department has demonstrated over and over that they will not prosecute anyone who is breaking the law carrying out the agenda of the Obama Administration. Examples include the Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia and Lois Lerner who used the IRS to harass conservatives.

I began wearing the military uniform of my country during the 1950s. Those were the days of the “brown shoe army.” Soldiers wore the popular ‘Ike” Jacket. Commissioned officers wore a very sharp looking uniform called “pinks and greens.” Those were the days when “duty, honor, country” had meaning. Truth was a requirement and lies were not tolerated. In fact, making a “false official statement” was a court martial offense.

During the Vietnam War era, lying by officials of the Johnson Administration became noticeable and encouraged when expedient throughout the government – including the Defense Department. Officially sanctioned lying was tolerated throughout the Carter Administration. It was during that timeframe in the late 1970s that I was directed to lie under oath to a congressional subcommittee. I refused and was lectured for having old-fashioned ideas of the meaning of truth. I was forcefully informed that if I did my duty well when lying to Congress, they would accept what I said and as a result, as far as they were concerned, the lie became truth.

As President, Bill Clinton proved his expertise in gross mendacity even under oath. Although Clinton was impeached, he is a folk hero to millions of admirers in the current environment.

President Barack Obama has taken official lying to a new level. Using proven Communist techniques tailored to deceive gullible Americans by Cloward-Piven and Sol Alinsky, Obama has the unique ability to change the meaning of words, call good evil and evil good at will.

Last week we experienced an unprecedented spectacle by former Secretary of State and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She succeeded in deceiving the dominant media and a large segment of the American people by continuing to lie about the raid on the American compound in Benghazi, Libya.

The Obama Administration lied about the terrorist attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens in order to ensure Obama was elected to a second term. Hillary continues to perpetuate the lie with more lies and cover-ups with much success. The FBI is investigating criminal activity involved in security aspects of the cover-up, however, no one believes the Obama Justice Department will prosecute Hillary or any other administration official, regardless of the crimes committed.