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Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 06:04 PM


First Published in 1994


They can't stop him by concocted sex and Russia-collusion charges, by two impeachments, by election theft, by the unprecedented and criminal home invasion of an American president, by endless bogus lawsuits, or by de-balloting.

Like an irrepressible and indefatigable figure from Greek legend, attacks on his MAGA movement and persecution of his person and family have made Trump ever stronger and ever more popular. So, that leaves Rasputinesque assassination as the only option left for the desperate Dems.

And, if and when Trump is assassinated -- probably sometime this election year -- America will explode.

Trump's assassination would come because the totalitarian and imperialist pervert Dems — driven by a demonic, false-philosophical madness that hates conservative, Christian, and family America -- will never willingly give up power and control of the government.

And after it happens, of course, an investigation will be launched by the corrupt, unelected, permanent Washington, Deep State, pro-Dem FBI, and the resultant official story -- fed to the public by the government and echoed ad infinitum and ad nauseum by the corrupt and servile media -- will be that a disaffected MAGA supporter did the dirty deed. And so, the U.S. government, as with the Kennedy assassination, will never tell Americans the truth, which is that a Soros-type Deep State agent — one of their own -- did it by secret decree from on high. (And, if you haven't been keeping up: the Deep State removed Nixon to cover up the CIA's murder of JFK.)

Responding to Trump's assassination, Dems and Lefties of most stripes — barely able to contain and mask their glee -- will bite their lips and pay, for a very short time, obligatory lip-service condolences to Trump's family and cry crocodile tears at the state funeral. Other libbies, unable to resist, will issue told-you-so statements about gun violence, renew their perennial calls for gun confiscation, and point to an imagined cosmic justice of a pro-gun Trump being gunned down.

Meanwhile, MAGA --- rejecting all government and MSM narratives — will grow and grow and grow into an enraged and unstoppable mass. The liberal dream of scattering the MAGA sheep by dispatching the MAGA shepherd will suddenly -- by a sharp and unexpected turn of Providential justice -- morph into a long nightmare for the liberals themselves.

Following Trump's murder, violence will erupt all across the land as MAGA individuals and MAGA groups — now totally awakened, totally energized, and totally enraged, and finding no justice or goodness left in their government -- will finally reach for the weaponry they have been stockpiling since Obama entered the White House.

Incensed by the political murder of their usurped but twice or thrice-elected president, MAGA shooters will target prominent liberals. And when federal agents are sent in to arrest the MAGA shooters, the agents themselves will be targeted, just as British redcoats of old were targeted, from behind trees, by American patriots. And, as Usurper Joe and his controllers declare martial law in a crackdown meant to "restore order", these enraged and implacable patriots, with their ARs, will have no need of F-16s to secede from and replace a hopelessly corrupt and tyrannical government.

So, the assassination of Donald Trump, likely coming up soon, will begin the final death spiral of the now hopeless and unreformable Yankee Empire. And as they duck for cover and go into hiding, the liberals among us will learn too late the lesson, long understood by their fellow-travelling communists, that gun confiscation should, by the formula of tyrants, precede and not follow the assassination of political opponents.

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