It is a well-known fact that South Carolina has some of the weakest procurement laws in the nation. Our state is used in academic case studies of waste and fraud through loose procurement laws. These laws must be strengthened if the Palmetto State is to get a handle on spending through waste and opportunities for fraud at all levels of government.

The preservation of property rights will be one of the major issues facing Americans, South Carolinians and county governments in 2011. The battle lines are already drawn. The forces endangering the rights of citizens to buy, sell, own and do as they please with private property are organized, well funded and have a number of unconstitutional laws and government funding sources on their side. Tragically, property owners are not organized and many are not well-informed and lack the truth that can set them free from the assault on their constitutional rights.

Voters in South Carolina gave huge victories to Republican candidates in the November 2, 2010, General Election. What does this mean for the future of our state?

South Carolina is sending four new conservative Republican Congressmen to Washington. They will be part of an historic freshman class that will make waves on Capitol Hill. Sen. Jim DeMint was reelected and is becoming a leader of the conservative wing of the GOP in the Senate. Sen. Lindsey Graham has four more years to serve in his current term and, as predicted by this column months ago, could be picked by President Obama to be Secretary of Defense early next year.  The appointment would provide the president with a public gesture of “bipartisanship” and create a GOP scapegoat for declaring victory and pulling out of Afghanistan before the 2012 Presidential Election. Graham is well-qualified for the job.

Governor-elect Nikki Haley announced Monday that former U.S. Ambassador and State House Speaker David Wilkins will be chief of her transition team. To some, this announcement appears to be a contradiction with Haley promises to take on the entrenched system in the legislature. To others, Haley has made a brilliant move and has the ultimate legislative insider on her team and members of the legislature poised to do whatever David tells them to do.