A Chamber for American Business

CROSS CITY, Fla. -- America First Chamber of Commerce announces the formation of a national chamber for American businesses embracing the principles of the America First policies.

Three businesswomen, Linda Bell Harrell, a 75-year-old businesswoman, and Susan Creamer, a nationalized citizen and lifelong businesswoman, and Fe Bencosme, a former educator.

"Because the old chamber doesn't represent my beliefs anymore," Linda Bell, the new Chair of Board of Directors, answered when asked why she was spearheading the formation. "The old chamber used to be the best place to meet like-minded people. Now, it's a sad place. I want the positive business energy back."

"Because business has become so difficult. I've owned buildings and built businesses, but now employees can't work because of drug or alcohol abuse or other problems," was Susan Creamer's answer, the President of the new chamber. "The workers need help. Only with good workers can American businesses thrive."

"Because education has been dismal for so long and could be so great," Fe Bencosme explained. "How can American businesses grow great with poorly educated workers? I want to reestablish classical education from pre-kindergarten through high school and college."

America First Chamber of Commerce's 5 priorities include: American Business Opportunity, American Business Prosperity, American Business Security, American Business Freedom, and American Business Innovation Protection.

A Kickstarter has been established at https://www.givesendgo.com/AmericaFirstChamber

SOURCE America First Chamber of Commerce

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