Catastrophic plate tectonics is a model of the Genesis Flood that is based on computer modeling of the interior of the Earth. The same computer modeling Was used to model the resurfacing of the planet Venus showing that that too could have occurred quite recently well actually explaining why Venus is the overheated pressure cooker that it is today.

Catastrophic plate tectonics simply is normal plate tectonics on overdrive. In other words, what naturalistic geologists claim took over 100’s of millions of years actually took place in a matter of months. When coupled with accelerated nuclear decay, the reality of which has been demonstrated by zircon helium diffusion rates along with helium retention, and Doctor Humphreys’ model for planetary magnetic fields which is supported by its prediction and explanation of the magnetic fields of Uranus Neptune and Mercury, it provides a viable model of Earth's geological history. It also easily demonstrates how a global flood would have been possible while making predictions that have been successfully tested.

There are many ways that catastrophic plate tectonics shows how the Genesis Flood can be possible but there are two primary aspects of it that clearly demonstrate aspects of the Flood. The first of these is that it provides for the breakup of the fountains of the deep with super-heated high-pressure water erupting through the mid-oceanic ridges. Furthermore, the increased tectonic forces would have pulled down the continental crust making it even easier to flood the continents. The fact that the current mountain ranges were also formed during the flood further aided this process.

Two very important predictions of this theory have been demonstrated to be true. The first is large amounts of water in the mantle, roughly equivalent to three times the present-day oceans. And the second is large slabs of oceanic crust deeper within the mantle than would be possible with standard plate tectonics. The fact that these features have actually been found, while being a surprise to naturalistic geologists, further helps demonstrate the accuracy of this theory.

The number one argument against Catastrophic Plate Tectonics is the fact that it would generate a large amount of heat. However, this is not really a problem because there are not only there are other reasons why heat would have to be dealt with but there are multiple ways both natural and supernatural that God could have taken care of that heat. After all there are a lot of processes that are commonly used that generate a lot of heat but then he just dealt with by simply providing a coolant, all God needed to do was to provide some form of coolant process.

One of the other beauties of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics is that it works well with other creationist theories such as Doctor Humphrey’s model for planetary magnetic fields and accelerated nuclear decay. This is often an indication of a good theory when it works well with other independently developed concepts.

Naturally, atheists and others that reject anything, but absolute naturalism will refuse to accept such a model, but it does a better job of predicting future observations than naturalistic theories. One of the things that it shows is that it is possible to produce a scientific theory that is not dependent upon absolute naturalism but makes successful predictions.

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