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Friday, July 12, 2024 - 05:28 AM


First Published in 1994


Hydroplate Theory was developed by Dr. Walt Brown posits that Before the genesis flood the earth had a double crust. An upper crust of granite and a lower crust of basalt. In between the two would be a layer of water consisting of more water than our current oceans. It does have the advantage that it overcomes some of the heating that would tend to result from any reasonable flood model. Its main advantage is that it explains a lot of what we see around the solar system.

The basic concept of Hydroplate Theory is that the external crust cracks open releasing the subterranean water, lots of it shoot out to space while the rest covers the surface of the earth. This is the eruption of the fountains of the Great Deep. It also provides a very potent source for water. During the flood the granite crust is thought to have slid on a cushion of water across the bath salt oceanic crust to its current position. After the flood, the granite cross would have settled into the planet forming the continental crust we have today.

To prevent the continental crust from colliding on the other side, a buckling down of the Asiatic portion of the crust helped prevent it from sliding all the way across while resulting in a larger Pacific basin. While this solves many of the problems, it still leaves some unanswered questions. One way of answering some of these questions That so far has not been done would be to develop a computer model of the process.

Its major problem Is that it does not work with current models of earthquakes. There is a necessity to resort to them being caused by shifting of the crust due to the Moon. It also requires a large portion of the granite crust to buckle down to form part of the Pacific Ocean. It does not work well with the highly successful dynamic decay theory for planetary magnetic fields developed by Russell Humphreys. 

One thing that would be a tremendous help to Hydroplate Theory would be computer modeling. If they could show the way computer modeling that this approach would actually work as described that would produce a lot of support for the model and possibly even improve it. There has been further work on it in recent years providing a better description on YouTube than was originally produced by Walt Brown. These are the kinds of steps that need to be taken to improve Hydroplate Theory, making it a more viable model.

The main problem with Hydroplate Theory is there tends to be more of a collection of stories rather than a highly detailed model that can be tested with precision. Overcoming this aspect of the theory is what it needs to overcome its criticism. If its proponents would produce a detailed computer model of the theory showing how it proceeds under the laws of physics from the starting conditions.

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