Catastrophic plate tectonics and Hydroplate theory both make testable predictions that have actually been successful. Those made by Catastrophic plate tectonics are primarily here on Earth, those that are made by Hydroplate theory are primarily in space and throughout the solar system. It turns out that thanks to observational data there is a way to get the successful predictions of both theories in what in a single theory.

Catastrophic plate tectonics Predicts and explains a lot of observations on Earth, some of which both conventional plate tectonics and Hydroplate theory cannot explain. This makes it a very good general model for the Genesis Flood and is quite likely to have happened. It also works quite well with other creationist theories that also make good predictions such as Dynamic Decay theory for planetary magnetic fields.

Hydroplate theory provides an excellent explanation for what we see amateurs and other bodies of this solar system. This is because it has the initial subterranean water under sufficient pressure that large amounts of it would have been ejected into space carrying eroded rock along with it. It made a lot of accurate predictions, for example, the fact that many asteroids are pretty much rock piles.

One option for getting the best results of both theories, it starts out with large amounts of water in the earth's mantle. In recent years it's been determined that at least three times as much water is currently in the mantle, they can be found in all of Earth's oceans. If before the Flood this water content was greater it could have been under sufficient pressure to eject large amounts of water and rock into space in excess of escape velocity the only eruption in the fondness of the deep and within the context of Catastrophic plate tectonics.

This approach, which combines the best aspects of both models needs serious consideration, including computer modeling to see just how viable it is. If such an approach is workable it would answer a number of questions as well as provide an easy explanation if life is ever found elsewhere in the solar system. Placing significantly more water in the Earth's mantle that erupted at the beginning of the flood is a way of providing a testable model for the origin of asteroids, comets, and anything else that could be considered debris. It is a way of making sense of such objects in a way that may actually be testable.

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