According to the Bible, the human race started with two people Adam and Eve, we were then reduced to the descendants of one man his three sons, and their three wives during the flood. If this were indeed the case, we would expect to find evidence in our genetics mitochondrial DNA goes back to a single woman and our Y chromosome DNA goes back to a single man. If we had evolved from a population of the ancestral apes our mitochondrial DNA nation archaebacteria single woman and our why chromosome DNA should not go back to a single man.

However, when the actual research was done the evidence to the surprise of evolutionists showed that the genetics of mitochondrial DNA goes back to a single woman and our Y chromosome DNA goes back to a single man. Evolutionists proceeded to attack any notion that they could have been the biblical Adam and Eve by pointing out that they're dating places them at 10s of thousands of years apart meaning that they did not even know each other. Apart from the fact that having our last common male ancestor and female ancestor separated it's exactly what we would expect from the Biblical account given that our last common male ancestor would have been Noah and not Adam, they had a dirty little secret in how they calculated the ages. To calculate the time between genetic samples, a mutation rate is necessary, which is a rate of change that occurs in the DNA over the intervening generations. To derive the ages of our female and male ancestors, evolutionists assumed evolution. They took the time they had estimated that we had a common ancestor with chimpanzees and estimated a mutation rate based on that assumption.

Now even early on it was evident that direct measurements of mutation rates would result in a much younger age for our last common female ancestor than acceptable by evolutionists. Now they justified this by the assumption that it would take time for the changes to spread throughout the population. The problem with such an assumption is that we only get mitochondria and Y chromosome DNA from a single parent meaning that it is directly traceable. The direct measurements produce an accurate calculation in a growing population. When these calculations are done, we get an estimated age for our last common female ancestor of about 6000 years and it estimated age for our last coming male ancestor is about 4500 years which fits the Biblical account perfectly.


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