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Boys in girls’ bathrooms, and vice versa; “drag queens” in demonic getup reading storybooks to pre-schoolers and elementary-school kids; compulsory LGBTQ indoctrination; brainwashing in global-warming hysteria; programming in global citizenship; mandatory Islamic studies and prayers to Allah; hatred of America, America’s Founding Fathers, and traditional American heroes: Increasingly, this is the reality of what passes for education in the government school system across America.

Our nation’s academic decline has been on a disastrous course for decades. Parents and conservative activists have repeatedly demanded reforms, so “progressive” politicians and educators have promised reform — but have instead accelerated their programs of perversion, subversion, and indoctrination. The state-run high schools regularly turn out millions of graduates who are functionally illiterate and innumerate, but who are reliably zealous crusaders for socialism. Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar are their heroes. It does not take a graduate degree in soothsaying to predict that our end as a free republic is fast approaching unless this is reversed.

Author Alex Newman, contributing editor and foreign correspondent for The New American, has embarked on a heroic effort to tackle this existential threat to faith, family, and freedom. The multi-talented, multi-lingual Newman has started on a nationwide, coast-to-coast “Rescuing Our Children” speaking tour that will be reaching more than 40 cities over the next three months. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 920-749-3780 for info.

Newman warns parents that if they hope to protect their children against intellectual dumbing down as well as the rampant cultural-moral-spiritual subversion, then sending them to public schools is no longer an option. “Right now,” he says, “the government schools are systematically indoctrinating and dumbing down children, turning them against their parents, against their families, against their churches, against our country, against the Founding Fathers of our country, against our Constitution and our freedoms, and our Republic will not survive too far into the future if we allow this to continue.”

Newman, who is one of this country’s premier investigative reporters, has been especially involved in exposing the United Nations and its global indoctrination arm UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Thanks in large part to his exposés in The New American of former UNESCO boss Irina Bokova, a corrupt official of the mass-murdering Bulgarian Communist Party, Bokova was prevented from being promoted to UN secretary-general. His exposure of UNESCO's corruption and subversion also helped set the dial for the Trump administration’s decision to end U.S. membership in, and financial support for, UNESCO.

Readers of The New American are already aware that Newman was the principal writer not only for our “Deep State” Special Report, but also for the Feb. 4th issue “Rescuing Our Children” Special Report that is now causing a great awakening across this nation. Order your copie(s) at or call 1-800-727-8783.

“There is a silent struggle raging right now upon which the future of America and her liberties depends — literally,” he wrote in that Special Report. “At its core, the struggle revolves around who will be responsible for children and their upbringing.... The end goal goes far beyond education and touches every aspect of life.” The battle for our children is the most important political battle facing America. Without confronting the reality of this crisis straight on, Christians and conservatives will lose every single battle in the decades ahead, he warns.

“We recognize that calling for a mass exodus of children from government schools is still considered a radical proposal by some,” notes Newman.  “But as we show clearly in this Special Report, it is time for radical solutions to this existential crisis. Our country, our churches, our freedoms, and our families are all on the line here. We cannot ignore this any longer. We must take urgent action now to rescue our children, along with our churches and our nation.”

Along with the late, great educator Sam Blumenfeld, Newman co-authored the important 2015 book Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children.

Of necessity, Alex Newman’s message is alarming. How could it be otherwise, considering the headlong rush toward the infernal abyss that our government school system is leading our entire nation into? However, his message is also hopeful and encouraging.

“In fact, there is a lot of great news, and cause for celebration,” he wrote, in an article co-authored with Dr. Duke Pesta in the “Rescuing Our Children” Special Report. “The good news is that it has never been easier or more cost-effective for Americans to take back their power and their children. With a growing array of options available, ranging from home schooling materials and parent-led cooperatives to independent private, online, and Christian schools to suit every need, virtually every parent can do it.”

Alex Newman is an online instructor at Freedom Project Academy, ( the fully accredited online school led by Professor Pesta that offers a classical education for kindergarten through high school. “We are spending more money and committing more resources to public education than at any time in our history,” Dr. Pesta says. “We have more educrats, federal bureaucrats, technocrats, businessmen, educational foundations, 501C3 watchdogs, and corporate sponsors focused on revamping education than ever before. And yet our kids remain ignorant about our history, are far less literate as readers, and become more math deficient with every year that passes.”

“The real problem,” Dr. Pesta notes, “is that actual education is far down the list of priorities for our government co-opted public schools. The only option is to embrace alternative forms of education that empower students with genuine knowledge and the skills they need to succeed in life. Time to leave parenting to the parents, psychology to the professionals, and ideology to the universities, and recommit to teaching a rigorous course of ABCs and 123s.”

“Reform of the government’s indoctrination centers is not an option,” Dr. Pesta and Newman write in their article, “Get Them Out (of Public Schools)!” “Conservative organizations and Christian activists have squandered countless millions of dollars on “’reform’ efforts with nothing to show for it. At best, all they did was delay the inevitable by perhaps a few years.”

They assert: “Government schools today are the fruit of a poison tree — they cannot be reformed; they must be abandoned. Reforming a bad idea is a bad idea. Ultimately, separation of school and state is needed. And not only is it possible, it is better on every front, as the nation proved in the 18th and 19th centuries.”

Over the past several decades, millions of American families have voted with their feet, leaving the toxic public-school wasteland for home school, private-school, and Christian-school options. However, the fact remains that over 85 percent of American children remain in the government-run brainwashing factories. Education leader Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore (Ret.), a retired chaplain and the founder of Frontline Ministries, Inc. (, says this unsustainable situation demands an all-hands-on-deck effort to rescue the children — a sort of “Dunkirk” operation. But instead of using all available boats to rescue Britain’s fighting men from destruction on a beach during World War II, our dire predicament demands Americans must use every resource at their disposal to rescue American boys and girls from destruction at the hands of rogue government schools controlled by totalitarian bureaucrats. Lt. Col. Moore praised The New American’s “Rescuing Our Children” Special Report for its ground-breaking work exposing this crisis and offering real solutions to it. “Well done, factual and timely too,” said Moore, director of the Exodus Mandate Project, who is featured in an exclusive interview in the Special Report and has been the leading figure calling for an exodus from public schools. “This report shows the need to exit the government system and rescue children through growing K-12 private, Christian and home schools. The New American has led the way nationally with this issue.”

Israel Wayne, a nationally renowned home-education leader, author, and speaker, makes the case for home schooling and Christian education in the TNA Special Report.  “Scripture and church fathers clearly state that education should be God-centered, but God is banned from public schools,” he explained.  “It is my sincere hope that people of faith will increasingly remove their children from State-dominated schools, and choose an education that supports and encourages the faith and beliefs they want to impart to their children.” (

Alex Newman’s nationwide tour got off to an auspicious start on May 15 with a global radio interview with Generations Radio host Kevin Swanson, heard live on Christian AM and FM stations and the Internet, as well as on a podcast. Other Christian radio shows, educators, and home school organizations are getting excited about promoting the tour. Don’t miss the Newman “Rescuing Our Children” tour when it comes to your area, and check the tour schedule to make sure you alert your friends, relatives, co-workers, pastors, and co-religionists around the country to this rare opportunity to hear this important presentation when Alex comes to their region. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 920-749-3780 for tour info.

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