Sponsored by First Foundations, Hosted by Sky Pointe Church

DickJensen95Dr. W. P. “Buddy” Witherspoon and Rev. Scott Crutchfield were the lead speakers at the Blessings of Liberty Celebration in Travelers Rest, Sunday, July 4, 2010, that attracted more than 150 people. 

Dick Jensen, President of First Foundations, Inc., organized and directed the program and welcomed attendees. The Robert Anderson Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard, marched to the bagpipe music of Kenneth MacCallum leading a parade to the church on Highway 25 in Travelers Rest. Following posting of the colors, the Invocation was presented by Rev. Dan Ray, a member of the FFI Board. The pledge to the flag was led by WW II Veteran Bob MacCallum, followed by the National Anthem sung by Dr. Joyce Ford.

Travis Burns, Music Director for Clearview Baptist Church, led the audience in singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

Twenty-two citizens participated in reading the text of the Declaration of Independence prior to commentaries on the Declaration by Dr. Witherspoon and Rev. Crutchfield. Dr. Witherspoon, namesake of one of the signers of the Declaration, discussed the “Civil Significance of the Declaration in 2010.” Rev. Crutchfield, Pastor of Sky Pointe Church, host of the event, discussed the “”Spiritual Significance of the Declaration in 2010.”

The audience sang “God Bless America,” Dick Jensen read George Washington’s Benediction and the celebration was concluded with a Musket Salute by the Sons of the American Revolution in the parking lot.





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